The most important landmarks of Salzburg

المسافرون العرب

Mirabell Palace

The Mirabell Palace is one of the distinctive landmarks in Salzburg, which was built in 1606 AD by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich, and in 1721 AD the palace was reshaped in the Baroque style, and perhaps the most important feature of it is its luxurious interior decoration designs, which are filled with stucco, Wall paintings, and the Mirabell Gardens represent one of the most beautiful gardens, and it is noteworthy that in this garden some parts of the movie “The Sound of Music” were photographed, and it is worth noting that this historic building is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mozart’s birthplace

The birthplace of Mozart is one of the most important monuments worth visiting in Salzburg, and this house represents a memorial to the famous composer Amadeus Mozart, who was born in this city characterized by its yellow construction in 1756 AD, and lived there for about 17 years, and it is indicated that this place contains many Among the features of Mozart’s life, and at the present time the museum includes a collection of tools, documents, and pictures, the most famous of which is the small violin that he played when he was young, in addition to a lock of his hair and buttons from his jacket.

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Hohen Salzburg Castle

Hohensalzburg is one of the best tourist spots in Salzburg, as it is considered the best to see the wonderful natural scenery in the country, represented by the scenic mountain scenery and forest seas surrounding the Baroque tower, which is located on top of Festungsberg Hill (in English: Festungsberg).

Salzburg Museum

The Main Museum of Salzburg is located inside the Baroque Palace of Neue Residenz (in English: Neue Residenz), and this museum offers a wonderful mix between the past and present of the country, where the ornate rooms display all the fossils, starting from the Romen excavations, and ending with the royal photos, and these tours are available with the tour guides Every Thursday at 6 pm.

Other attractions in Salzburg

Salzburg includes many tourist attractions, including the following:

  • Residence Palace.
  • Untersberg: These mountains rise over Salzburg, extend across the German border, and reach a height of about 1,853 meters. These mountains provide wonderful views of the Rositten Valley, and other scenic views.
  • The Dom Hotel: known as its copper dome and twin towers, it is a wonderful Baroque masterpiece, as its bronze gates symbolize faith, hope and charity.
  • St. Peter’s Cemetery: This cemetery is located next to the Nunberg Abbey, and is the oldest burial ground in Salzburg, and there are tombs for some of Austria’s famous residents, including Maria’s sister, Maria.

It is noteworthy that Salzburg is a popular tourist destination, as it is accepted by tourists to enjoy its green hills, gardens, and amazing valleys, in addition to its music festival, as the sounds of music are what attract tourists, and therefore the region is known as the Musical City.

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