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Ras Mohamed National Park

Ras Mohamed National Park is one of the landmarks of the city of Sharm El Sheikh, as it is located in South Sinai, and has an area of ​​about 480 square kilometers. This nature reserve in the desert is characterized by its white sands and beaches that include many diving places, Dive clubs such as Jackfish Alley and Anemone City contain more than 1,000 species of fish and 150 species of turtles and crustaceans.

Diving sites in Sharm El Sheikh

There are many diving sites on the shores of the Red Sea (in English: The Red Sea) in Sharm El Sheikh, as the whole city is an amazing resort for diving training, with clubs that offer learning courses for beginners, and for divers as well, while the average cost of registration for the courses is equal to $ 360, some people can benefit from course offers that may cost only $ 250, and it should be noted that diving sites on the Red Sea are ranked among the best, and cheapest, in the world.

Sharm El Sheikh desert

Desert Sharm el Sheikh is characterized by its sand dunes and open valleys, which are intended for adventurers on all-wheel drive bikes in order to explore, and enjoy learning about the details of the Bedouin life in it, and the Paranoiac valley is one of the desert landmarks built between Mountains, visitors can take pictures in the desert before returning to their hotels.

Ne’ema bay

Na’ama Bay is located in Sharm El Sheikh in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, and it is one of the places that can enjoy various activities when going to it, as its visit allows the visitor the opportunity to relax on the beach, or enjoy the sunbathing sessions, which give Feeling of vitality.

Viva Sharm

Viva Sharm is one of the beautiful beach landmarks in Sharm El Sheikh, as it is 5 km from the beach, which is located on the Ras Umm Sid plateau, and it has many places of activities that can be enjoyed, such as coral beach, diving club, in addition to Due to the presence of Turkish bath rooms, sauna, and sports clubs, Viva Hotel also includes reception rooms decorated in natural colors, in addition to the balconies that overlook all the rooms, and the hotel pool includes many umbrellas of palm trees that visitors stay in the place.

Al Mustafa Mosque

Al-Mustafa Mosque is known as one of the tourist places in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, as it is characterized by its exotic design and decoration, it contains a number of high minarets, an amazing dome, and beautiful facades made of marble, so it is one of the places You should plan to visit it when traveling in Sharm.

The Heavenly Cathedral

The Heavenly Cathedral is the largest Coptic church in Sharm El Sheikh, and it is one of the best churches in the world according to the classification of 2010, as it is characterized by its murals that depict drawings of biblical scenes. Two years.

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