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National Gallery of Singapore

The National Gallery of Singapore is located in the former Supreme Court building and the former municipal building. The exhibition displays many artworks by well-known artists and famous authors, as well as a collection of modern arts throughout Southeast Asia, in addition to the display of Chinese ink painting art, with a group of Danish sculptures by Dan Fooh.

Orshad Street

The Orshad Street, or what is known as the Fruit Road, is one of the places that must be visited when traveling to Singapore, which includes along its length of approximately 4.8 kilometers, twenty-two huge shopping centers, and six major stores, all of which display the most distinctive brands in the world. In addition to the presence of fashion trendy places, it was ranked as the best shopping street in the world in 2012 by a French marketing consulting firm.

Marina Bay Sands Resort

Marina Bay Sands Resort includes a luxury hotel that includes a swimming pool, so that only hotel guests are allowed to use it, and a commercial complex with a canal that passes through it, in addition to the presence of the ArtScience Museum, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore, which is one of the The distinctive buildings that exist in this resort, and is characterized by its unique shape, and organized exhibitions that combine art and science, and some updates have been made that enable visitors to explore an interactive set of high-tech digital installations.
Marina Bay Sands Resort also offers the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing the entire city, seeing the double-helix bridge, the port, and the Gulf Gardens from the Skypark Point with the possibility to have a snack or drink coffee in the restaurant above Sky Park, and get some souvenirs from the gift platform Memorial.

Other attractions in Singapore

Singapore has many different places and attractions, including the following:

  • Singapore Botanic Gardens: It is considered one of the oldest parks in Singapore, where it was opened for the first time in 1859 AD, and it is home to more than ten thousand species of plants, in addition to a group of other animals, as it is one of the leading research centers in the world.
  • Chinese and Japanese gardens: It is located to the west of the city of Singapore, and it is intended by many visitors to enjoy its wide open spaces, with the possibility of visiting the Turtle Museum located in the park.
  • Fort Canning Hill: The hill is located right in the middle of the island, and is considered one of the most important historical places in Singapore, where Sir Stamford Raffles built his first house on the hill, as it was the headquarters of the British Army, followed by the Japanese army during their occuAl Bahahn of Singapore in World War II.

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