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Hanifa Valley

The length of this region that extends from the north of Prince Salman Road, up to the southern side, specifically Al Ha’ir, is about 80 km, as it is a wide area for walking, in addition to it contains many gardens, paths, and lakes, and more than 50,000 trees, along with 7,000 enchanting, attractive-looking palm trees.

the National Museum

The National Museum is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the city of Riyadh, as it is one of the best museums in the Middle East, and it is characterized by containing 8 halls of good design to be dedicated to displaying culture, art, and Arab history, it is to Aside from its display of magnificent rock sculptures, it points to attractive models, such as the restoration of a Nabataean cemetery from Madain Saleh, and provides virtual visits to historical sites. It is worth noting that it shows films that are considered to be a continuation of what is presented in English through large screens.

Kingdom Center Tower

Kingdom Center Tower rises about (302.36 meters) from the ground level, and thus it is considered the third tallest building in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, knowing that this tower, besides being an apartment complex, is also considered a place for shopping, as it includes An observatory, due to its height, which makes it an important symbol for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Masmak Citadel

Al Masmak Fortress, which had an important role in the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the year 1865AD, was built of clay and concrete by the Prince of Riyadh Abdul Rahman bin Suleiman bin Dabaan, specifically during the era of Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Rashid, knowing that the Saudi government It was keen to restore and restore it, in order to preserve the antiquities that represent the history of Saudi Arabia, during the period of the eighties.
It is worth noting that visitors can enter the castle, which is located near the streets, and the crowded markets that sell various products, such as souvenirs, jewelry, and others across a large square, specifically through the gate of the palm tree, which reaches a height of 3,66 m, and a width of 2, 74 A.D., as this gate contains a hiatus called (peach) as a defensive measure that does not allow the entry of more than one person at the same time.

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