Jakarta is a wonderful and modern city, which some call the Indonesia Gate, as it is considered the main entrance to Indonesia in general and the city of Jakarta, west of the famous Java Island, and contains many shops and stores that thousands of tourists accept to buy the necessary products and supplies, in addition to buying many souvenirs for their families and relatives. Jakarta is famous for its handmade products made from the finest raw materials, in addition to the presence of many restaurants, markets and famous tourist malls. Jakarta is also famous for many wonderful historical and tourist attractions that were the cause of its popularity and popularity. Tourists visit heavily, and today our trip will be in Jakarta to get to know the best markets and luxury malls in Jakarta and walk together to discover the prices, products and services provided by these markets and shopping centers for tourists.

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Plaza Indonesia Mall

Indonesia PlazaIf you are a fan of international brands and modern modern products, we advise you to visit the famous Plaza Indonesia Mall, which is located next to a hotel called Grand Hyatt, where many tourists flock for the purpose of residence and because of its presence next to the Plaza Mall, the best international luxury brands are sold in Plaza Mall, along with a five-star service. And more than 50 international brands you can choose the best from them to suit your own taste, and that the Plaza Mall is distinguished by its presence in an ideal area in downtown Jakarta and sells all the international products of clothing and electrical appliances and all other products that everyone needs, as the mall contains A number of famous restaurants, shops, high-end, which specializes in the sale of each special type of products.

Manga dua jakarta mall

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This mall is also one of the luxury shopping malls, whose prices are a bit high because it contains luxury international products. It sells all kinds of modern electronic devices and clothing for men, women and children, and it is very luxury brand clothing. The mall also sells all kinds of international perfumes, shoes and wonderful leather bags. Also, the Dua Manga Mall provides the ability to purchase different goods and products in bulk or retail according to the needs of each individual, and this mall is considered one of the most important shopping malls that tourists prefer from others, and the mall also contains restaurants and cafes for that. It is a mall of great importance locally and internationally, but for working hours it starts from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon.

Grand jakarta mall

Image result for Grand Jakarta MallGrand Jakarta Mall is surrounded by many tourist hotels, which makes it a destination for a very large number of tourists every day, and tourists go to it on their feet in a very short period so they do not need to take any means of transportation, and this mall is one of the most important and largest shopping centers in Southeast Asia Huge shopping centers with an area of ​​six hundred and forty thousand square meters, Grand Jakarta Mall consists of two parts and each part has its own building that contains a certain number of shops. Among the most important products provided by the mall are the following: Grand Jakarta Mall provides all attractive silver products and women’s accessories In its luxurious and distinctive shapes and types, the mall also sells all kinds of eastern and western perfumes, shoes and bags made of leather as well as regular bags with international brands. You can also buy clothes of all kinds and electrical appliances and cosmetics from the mall, and the best thing about this mall is that it contains a supermarket It is great to buy the food products that tourists need and they want to buy them, as there are all kinds of different vegetables and fruits, it is an integrated market that you will definitely find everything you need.

Thamrin City Jakarta Mall

Related imageIf you are looking for Islamic clothing for veiled women and all religious supplies, we advise you to visit Thamrin City Jakarta Mall, which provides all kinds of Islamic clothing for veiled women, as it sells distinctive Islamic clothing at the best prices and most suitable for tourists from all groups. Tamrin Mall is considered a suitable market for shopping and spending A distinctive tourist holiday in the wonderful Tamrin Mall, the mall consists of three buildings, and the tenth building contains the wonderful Islamic clothing that we have mentioned, and the mall is surrounded by many famous restaurants and a distinct group of shops that sell different products. The mall is open from ten in the morning until nine in the evening.


Image result for Chipotra MallThe mall is surrounded by a lot of restaurants, major universities and shops of all kinds. The mall also surrounds many neighborhoods and hotels that tourists consider a residence for them, so we note the heavy demand for the mall daily, and this mall also contains all the products that you may need in addition to providing children’s playgrounds And all the entertainment things assigned to them, and the mall contains seven consecutive floors, each of which contains different shops and a large cinema to spend a wonderful time with family and friends to watch wonderful international movies, as well as you can enjoy a delicious meal from restaurants that I mention in the mall offers the best services to its visitors and welcomes them very much.

Plaza Senayan Mall

Related imageThis mall consists of 3 floors, each floor contains a large number of small and large shops that sell various products that the home needs such as fabrics, clothes, shoes, electrical appliances and other other products. The mall is characterized by selling luxury clothes and international brands. The mall also contains a distinct group Among the famous cafes and restaurants besides the presence of beauty salons for men and women and banking and exchange services that are only available in a few commercial markets, there is also a car park, all for the convenience and fun of shopping for visitors.

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