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Buckingham Palace

The Queen of Britain provides an opportunity for tourists and visitors to visit Buckingham Palace, which is the official residence of her in August and September of each year, to see his wonderful treasures, and to walk through the luxurious rooms of the palace. It is worth noting that tourists must seize the opportunity when visiting the city of London to witness the ceremony of changing the palace guard, which continues during the period between May and July on a daily basis, and on alternate days in the remainder of the year.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens, located in the British city of London, includes the largest Victorian style greenhouse in the world, knowing that the gardens themselves are the largest UNESCO World Heritage sites in the city of London, and they contain a great plant diversity; they contain nearly 14,000 trees, and about 30,000 species of plants and exquisite flowers, providing an attractive sight for tourists and visitors.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park located in the city of London is considered a park included in the royal gardens of the first degree, and it provides tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the green spaces that contain it, which is one of the largest green areas along the British London, in addition to the galleries it provides World-class modern art.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is distinguished by its neo-Gothic architectural style. It is thus considered one of the most important landmarks of the city of London, and although its architecture dates back a large part to the thirteenth century, the monastery was established in 960 AD. It should be noted that this monastery, which is characterized by the splendor of its design, and its wonderful beauty includes many parts, and the landmarks within it, such as: the Coronation Theater, the cosmic pier, the wonderful mosaic, and the museum that includes statues of wax representing the kings, shields, and others, in addition to the Tomb of the Warrior The unknown, and other parameters.

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