The most important monuments in Munich

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The Cathedral of Our Lady

The Cathedral of the Virgin represents the largest church in the city of Munich. It accommodates approximately twenty thousand people, as it represents one of the oldest churches in the country. Its construction dates back to the fifteenth century AD, and the church has a wonderful architectural design that appears large , And visitors can climb up the stairs, and see the magnificent view of Munich, and the Bavarian Alps.

Residence short

Residence Palace represents one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city of Munich, and the largest royal palace in the city, where its history dates back to the year one thousand three hundred and eighty-five, and was considered as the residence of the ruling family at that time, until it was converted to A museum is open to visitors, and tourists can travel between its courtyards, rooms, and access to the precious archaeological pieces, and the possessions of the ancient royal family, such as: antiques, textiles, and ceramic pieces.

Assam Church

The Asam Church is considered one of the most prominent monuments in the southern part of Germany, and it is an old church built by two brothers from the Assam family during the period (1733 – 1746 AD), and despite the small size of the church, it abounds With its artistic pieces, such as: sculptures, marble embossed figures, and its roof is adorned with impressive expressive graphics, it is thus considered an important center for attracting visitors and tourists to the city of Munich.

Palace of justice

The Palace of Justice (English: Justiz palast) is located in Munich near the central train station, and it is considered one of the important buildings in the city. One of the most famous German engineers, and it is Friedrich von Tirsch, note that visitors can wander the palace wings, and see the glass dome decorating the ceiling.

The National Museum of Bavaria

The Bayerisches National Museum (Bavarian National Museum) represents one of the most prominent landmarks of the city of Munich. It is distinguished by its neoclassical design of the nineteenth century. State property, sculptures, and more, which helps visitors to travel between different times, in addition to the presence of a large model depicting the city at the beginning of the nineteenth century.


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