The most important monuments in Syria

المسافرون العرب


Syria is located in the west of the Asian continent, and it is considered one of the Levant and the Fertile Crescent, and Syria is bordered to the south by Jordan, to the east by Iraq, to ​​the west by occupied Palestine and Lebanon, and the north by Turkey. Syria contains many ancient monuments with a historical heritage that expresses the importance of the site Syria, and these monuments are characterized by a beautiful architectural building, and many civilizations, such as the Crusader, the Ayyubid, the Mamluk, the Spartan, and the Ottoman Empire, are considered to be the important strategic location of Syria.

The most important monuments in Syria

Damascus Castle

This castle is located in the west of the Syrian capital, Damascus, this castle has 3 gates, and it takes an uneven rectangular shape in its ribs, and there are 12 towers, surrounded by a trench up to 20 meters wide, and Itz Ibn Uq Amir of the Seljuks built this castle in 1076 AD, then It was controlled by Abu Bakr al-Ayyubi, who is the brother of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, and he took it as a center of the caliphate, and the Ayyids took it as a place to reside at Mujaym to Damascus, and this was during a period that spanned from 1260 to 1516 AD, and the Janissaries took it as their headquarters during the period of the Ottoman era, and then it was done Construction of the Hamidiyeh market over the trench.

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This castle is located in the city of Homs, and I knew the castle of the Kurds, and the Merdashians built this castle in 1031 AD, then Raymond Sunjil, one of the leaders of the Crusader movement, seized the castle and its properties, and that was in 1099 AD, then Tancred recovered this castle in 1102 AD, The fortress was introduced in 1144 AD, the Aspartah, whose head was Saint John, by the Prince of Tripoli, Raymond II.

Umayyad Mosque

In the center of the old city in Damascus, this mosque in the desert was a market that transformed the Romenians into a temple in the first century AD and then to a church. After the Muslims entered Damascus, the church was divided into two parts, one was a mosque and the other a church, and in the year 86 AH around the caliph The Umayyad Al-Walid bin Abdul-Malik the church to a mosque, and it was completely rebuilt in addition to placing the mosaic as a clothing for him, and it took 10 years to build it, and currently has 3 large minarets, four gates, and a large dome, and is currently the fourth most famous mosque in Islamic history after the sanctuary, and the city , And Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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The Al-Durrah Church

It is considered the first church that was built, known as Dora Europe, because of the name of the region in which the role is located Salihiya, has been found among its parts on the oldest graphic depiction of Christ, and this face is currently found at Yali University in New York and the Syrian book Tatanius, which is considered one of the seven doctrines of Niskiye, has also been found Christianity written in Greek.

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