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Zaytuna Mosque

The Zitouna Mosque is considered one of the most important archaeological monuments in Tunisia, as it dates back to the year thirty-seven and thirty-two AD, and is characterized by its wonderful architectural design, and inside it contains a large hall devoted to prayer, in addition to that It provides an amazing view, and an opportunity to enjoy the view of the city that gives the lights a magnificence.

The archaeological site of Carthage

The archaeological site of Carthage (English: Carthage Archeological Site) is an ancient and charming historical site for its visitors, as it expresses the flourishing history of the city of Carthage, and the site includes many monuments and monuments, including: ancient walls, runways, and gates.

Gym included

El Jem Amphitheater is located in a village of the same name, where it was built previously, to accommodate thirty-five thousand, and its construction date is estimated from two hundred and thirty to two hundred and thirty-eight AD, and its history is linked to Today, especially its southern destination, it is worth noting that it is possible to cross through the corridors and channels spread under the ground, and given the historical significance of the amphitheater, it has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Udnah website

The Uthina site is considered an archaeological and historical site. It represents one of the witnesses to the ancient Romen civilization in Africa, where the ancient amphitheater can be observed at the entrance when visiting the site – knowing that the construction date of this stadium dates back to the era of Hadrian – as it is found in Above the site are five ancient columns that were partially restored, in addition to rooms dating back to the two eras: the Romen and the Byzantines.

Archaeological site of Paula Regia

The site of Bulla Regia is located in the northwestern part of Tunisia, and it is considered an archaeological and historical site dating back to the era of the Romen Empire, and this site is still preserved with its landmarks until our current time, where visitors can enjoy seeing the land and the spaces between them, And see the mosaic, archaeological, and historical pieces found on the site.

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