The most important places in Istanbul

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The Bosporus Strait (English: Bosporus) is a waterway with a length of about 30 km, and its width ranges between 750 m-3.7 km, and it connects the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, and separates the two parts: the Asian and European parts of Turkey, and it is worth noting that it is possible to cross over the strait And the transition between these two parts through two suspended bridges, namely: the first Bosphorus Bridge (length 1,074 meters), and the second Bosphorus Bridge, or what is known as the Sultan Al-Fatih Bridge (1,090 meters long), knowing that many castles and ancient archaeological forts are spread over the banks M’diq, including: Rumeli Fortress Siege, Anatolia Castle.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Ayasofya is considered one of the most prominent archaeological monuments in Istanbul, where its construction dates back to the period between 532 AD-537 AD by the Byzantines to be a church, or cathedral, but it turned into a mosque after the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) Now), in the year 1453 AD. As for the year 1935 AD, the mosque was transformed into a museum for visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Parks parks

Istanbul has many parks and wonderful natural places, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Maca Park (in Turkish: Maçka Park): It is located in the neighborhood of Maca, and includes many picnics, hiking and jogging tracks, as well as a dog park.
  • Yıldız Park: It was previously used as a natural place designated for hunting activities of the Ottoman sultans, but it was later converted to be a park, garden, and outlet for residents, and tourists.
  • Amirjan Park (in Turkish: EMIRGAN PARK): It is a large garden that allows visitors to enjoy a wonderful view of the Bosphorus, and it contains various types of plants and animals, in addition to hiking trails.

Skyscrapers and tall buildings

Istanbul has many high skyscrapers, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

  • Skyland Office Building (English: Skyland Office Istanbul): The Skyland office building that was opened in 2020 is considered the tallest building in Istanbul, with a height of about 284.07 meters, and it contains many commercial offices within it, knowing that it is used as a shopping center and car park.
  • Skyland Residence Istanbul: And its height is about 284.07 meters, noting that it is made up of 64 floors containing many residential units, health centers, swimming pools, and others.
  • Metropole Building (English: Metropol Istanbul): Its height is about 280.11 meters, which makes it the third tallest building in Istanbul, and it contains within it luxury shopping centers, residential units, entertainment centers, and others.
  • Sapphire Building (English: Istanbul Sapphire): It reaches a height of about 260.91 meters, which makes it the fourth tallest building in Istanbul, and within it contains a huge shopping center, a golf club, a car park, and others.


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