The most important places of residence and hotels in Paris in detail

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The tourists are often confused in determining the suitable place of residence and hotels in Paris, and since the prices are very high in Paris, it may be forced to live in remote places and neighborhoods that are not suitable for tourists, and it may also be unsafe for that day. I will list the most important places of residence and hotels in Paris in detail. And it relied on that on several things to prefer housing areas:

Close proximity to tourist places
Its proximity to metro stations
Close proximity to restaurants
The reputation and standard of the hotel
The level of the area surrounding the hotel

It is according to the following map three areas of housing and the best hotels in Paris without Disneyland:

paris 300x278 - The most important places of residence and hotels in Paris in detail

1- Champs Elysees Street

It is considered the most famous tourist area in Paris and it has many hotels and apartments. One of the advantages of the Champs-Elysees is the presence of more than 3 metro stations, which makes you close to public transport, as the area is served by many restaurants and cafes and you can spend a long time abroad enjoying the activities And offers or shopping.

Best Champs-Élysées Hotels:

Warwick Hotel (Hotel Link)
Napoleon Hotel (link to hotel)
Marriott Hotel (Hotel Link)
California Hotel (Hotel Link)
Crystal Hotel (Hotel Link)
Claridge Hotel (Hotel Link)
Fraser Suites (Hotel Link)

2- Eiffel Tower area

This region is distinguished by its proximity to the Seine River and its proximity to the Eiffel Tower and the region is suitable for honeymoon to provide many beautiful bridges on the Seine River and some gardens surrounding the Eiffel Tower where there are luxurious and newer hotels from the Champs Elysées as it is considered more quiet, but transportation Public and metro stations are quite few.

Best Eiffel Tower hotels:

Hotel de la Bordeaux (Hotel Link)
Derby Alma Hotel (Hotel Link)
Le Walt hotel (hotel link)
Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower (Hotel Link)
Mercure Paris Center Hotel (Hotel Link)
Le Marche Eiffel Hotel (Hotel Link)
Paris Novotel Center Hotel (Hotel Link)
Seas Hotel Paris (Hotel Link)
Eiffel Trocadero Hotel (Hotel Link)
And finally, the best hotel in Paris. (Hotel Link)

3- The Levadance region

Personally, I consider housing in the La Defense region a smart choice because of the cheapest prices in this region of Paris, and it is considered the new Paris and the region safer than any other place in Paris. There are also metro stations that take you to the Champs Elysées in a short time and there is a large and beautiful mall.

Best hotels in Paris, France:

Sofitel La Defense (Hotel Link)
Melia Paris La Defense (Hotel Link)
Hilton Paris La Defense (Hotel Link)
Renaissance La Defense (Hotel Link)
Pullman La Defense (Hotel Link)

4- Disneyland

Do not live in the Disneyland area unless you have two periods to stay in Paris, you divide it two days in Disneyland and four days in the center of Paris, and do not book in Disneyland if the period of your stay in Paris is less than 4 days only, it is enough to go to Disneyland and return to Paris on the same day.

Best Disneyland hotels:

Paxton Resort (Hotel Link)
Dream Castle Disneyland (Hotel Link)
Magic Circus Hotel (Hotel Link)
Marriott Resort (Hotel Link)

These were the best hotels and the best places to live in Paris and never tried to get out of these places, as for Disneyland, it is outside Paris, so it was not included in the map above.

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