The most important sights in Japan

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Tokyo National Museum

There is a Tokyo National Museum (English: Tokyo National Museum) in the Japanese city of Tokyo, specifically in Ueno Park, which is a huge, vast museum that includes many halls to display art works, historical artifacts expressing the history of Japan, and others.

Ryogoku Kokugikan

Ryogoku Kokugikan (English: Ryogoku Kokugikan) is a hall and an indoor gym located in the city of Tokyo, which is used to establish the famous Sumo Championship, and the Sports Museum.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

The Meiji Shrine Shrine (English: Meiji Shrine) is located in Tokyo. It was previously built under the supervision of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shuken, and is distinguished by its architecture, its tree-surrounded location, and the skyscrapers. It is noteworthy that this place is very popular with city visitors and tourists.

Freedom Statue Robot

The Robot Statue Of Liberty is one of Japan’s most important landmarks. It is a huge embodiment of a nearly 55-foot (16.76 m) robot that embodies the famous Gundam character.

Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum

Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum (English: Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum) is located in the Japanese city of Yokohama, and it is considered as a recreational city, a lively market dedicated to famous foods, specifically Ramen vermicelli soup, in addition to seafood and snacks.

Fox village

Miyagi Zao Fox Village (English: Zao Fox Village) is located in Shiroishi in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. It is the most prominent tourist place in the city, as this village includes green spaces and groups of foxes.

Toshogo Shrine

Toshogo Shrine is located in the Japanese city of Nikko, an ancient religious complex built by order of the grandson of Ieyasu in 1636 AD. The complex is distinguished by its magnificent architecture and its amazing decorations.

Oku no Inn

Oku no-in is a famous Buddhist temple and is considered one of the most prominent religious places in the country. It includes the tomb of the legendary monk, the founder of the Buddhist religion, in addition to about 200,000 tombs dating back to different historical periods.


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