The most important sights in London

المسافرون العرب

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is considered one of the most important landmarks of London, and it is a huge royal palace that was owned by a number of dukes of Buckingham during the eighteenth century AD, then became in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. , Note that tourists are allowed to visit the government rooms in the palace during certain days, in conjunction with the Queen’s absence from the palace.

London Tower

The Tower of London is a palace, a huge historical castle, and has previously witnessed the establishment of several English kings and queens, also witnessed the execution of three English queens, and was used as a prison for important, prominent personalities, such as: Sir Walter Raleigh, who protested three A year inside the bloody tower, visitors and tourists can tour the facilities of the palace and see its towers, rooms, and wonderful features.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul

St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is built around three hundred years ago, is considered one of the most prominent landmarks of London. It is distinguished by its amazing architecture in the English Baroque style, and by its high rise that makes it the highest building in the city, and with its vast expanses in the vast kingdom.

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London Eye

The London Eye represents a huge revolving wheel that opened in the year two thousand, and then represented the longest wheel of its kind in the world, then it became second after the opening of the wheel of the Chinese star in the year two thousand and six, and provides the London Eye with a wonderful view of passengers. On the London city areas, and its attractions.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is an ancient historical bridge that was built in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four in order to alleviate congestion on the roads, and it is distinguished by its Gothic style towers, the colors of its cyan-colored stilts, and its distinctive motif that also distinguishes it from the motorized path that also distinguishes it from the automatic path To facilitate the passage of ships from the water channel. It should be noted that it is still operating efficiently until now, noting that it is increasing by using electricity.

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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey was built for the first time in the year sixty-nine AD, and most of the monuments appearing today were added during the thirteenth century AD, and the church building is characterized by its amazing architecture in the early English Gothic style.

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