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Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Los Angeles, because it contains more than 35 million historical artifacts, some of which date back 4.5 billion years, and the external appearance of the museum, formed from Marble, and a central dome, are also considered striking.


The Hollywood area (English: Hollywood) is located in Los Angeles, and contains many attractions such as theaters, art museums, and movies. It is worth noting that tourists and visitors can take pictures along the famous walkway, which contains the names, fingerprints, and legs of famous artists, knowing that the region is inhabited by a large number of these artists who are organizing trips to pass through their places of residence.

Los Angeles beaches

The city of Los Angeles is distinguished by its beautiful public beaches that are attractive to tourists, as there are many activities such as walking or jogging, in addition to quiet beaches, and these beaches: Santa Monica Beach and Malibu Beach.

Disney world

Disney World is considered one of the most important areas that adults and children alike enjoy, as it contains well-known cartoon characters, and my city of amusement parks, as well as many events and performances, in addition to fireworks at night.

Film studios

Los Angeles contains a number of world-class film photography studios, such as: Warner Bros Studios and Universal Studios, which attract tourists to see places of filming, manufacture some of the world’s most famous films, and organize regular trips for tourists. To wander around these places.

Chinese Village

One of the most important tourist destinations in Los Angeles is the Chinese village (English: China town). The area contains many restaurants, shops, and art galleries.

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