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St. George’s Church

St. George’s Church is considered the oldest Anglican Church in Southeast Asia, as it dates back to 1818 during the British colonial era, and is characterized by its wonderful architectural design in a harmonious mixture of different architectural styles represented by English and Georgian architecture, A new classic.

city ​​Council

City Hall, located in the western corner of Penang Island, is a huge building with a magnificent architectural design characterized by its serial columns and arched windows.

Penang Piranakan Palace

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion is located in a former residential residence dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century, and today it is a museum open to visitors and tourists, as it contains within it wonderful collections of architectural styles, including: carved wooden doors in China, And the English floor tiles.

The Blue Palace

The Blue Palace is located in Georgetown in Penang, and is considered one of the important landmarks in the city, and it is an old historical palace built during the eighties of the eighteenth century AD, and contains 38 rooms and 220 windows overlooking the outside, and is characterized by its wonderful architectural design and its external appearance the colour blue.

Kick Look Sea Temple

Kick Lock Sea Temple is located 8 km from Georgetown city center. It is an ancient Buddhist temple built during the period (1890-1905 AD). It is considered one of the largest Buddhist temples in Malaysia. It includes with its wide area many wonderful monuments, the most important of which are: the statue Huge bronze, the temple of Ban Phu Thar which includes seven layers.

Other attractions

In addition to the previous attractions, Penang includes many wonderful attractions, including:

  • Chinatown: It boasts many authentic Chinese lifestyles.
  • Cornwallis Castle: It is a historical castle that contains the remains of the colonial period from British forts.
  • State Art Gallery: It contains art collections by Malaysian artists.
  • Tropical Spice Garden: It includes many types of plants and spice trees.

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