The most important sights in Sharm El Sheikh

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City Stars Swimming Pool

There is a city stars pool within the facilities of the city stars resort overlooking the Red Sea, and it is considered an artificial lake that simulates the beach with its water and the sands of its beach, knowing that its area is about 121,405 square meters, and it is ranked first as the largest swimming pool in The world, as the water basin is unique in using it to desalinate sea water and make it suitable for human use.

Ras Mohamed National Park

There is a park or Ras Mohamed National Park (in English: Ras Mohamed National Park) in South Sinai, and its vast area of ​​480 square kilometers contains many picturesque beaches, furnished with soft white sand, in addition to diving sites that allow fans of this sport the opportunity to explore Hundreds of species of fish, turtles, crustaceans, and more.

Ne’ema bay

Na’ama Bay is considered one of the most vital areas in Sharm El Sheikh. It includes many recreational activities, stunning landscapes of beach sand, and sea water. It also provides visitors with the opportunity to relax, enjoy the sunbathing, and others.

Aqua Blu Water Park

There is an Aqua Blue Water Park in the plateau area, and it includes many water recreational activities that ignite the enthusiasm of young people and adults, including: swimming pools, water slides, fun games, and others.

Zestel Gorm ship

Thistlegorm is a huge cargo ship that originated in the English city of Sunderland, but it was drowned near Sharm el-Sheikh during World War II, knowing that the length of this ship is 129 meters, and thus it is considered one of the largest wreck sites dedicated to diving. In the world.

The Companions Mosque

The Al Sahaba Mosque is considered one of the most prominent architectural masterpieces in Sharm El Sheikh, as it appears with an architectural mixture that combines the Ottoman, Mamluk, and Fatimid architectural styles. It should be noted that this wonderful design was supervised by the famous engineer Fouad Tawfiq.


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