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Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge Of Sighs is one of the most important tourist attractions for tourists in the italyn city of Venice, as it was built according to the orders of the Duke Mario Grimani of stones, and its exterior appearance is decorated using Baroque architecture. It should be noted that this bridge was named after this, in relation to the sighs made by prisoners while they were being led to the terrible Piombi prison.

Lido Beach

Lido beach is located on an island located in the western side of Venice, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in it. It provides tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the waters of the Adriatic Sea, and to swim in it, in addition to the relaxation it provides for them under the warm sun, Note that it can be easily reached by public transport.

San Marco Square

Tourists can enjoy the wonderful music in Piazza San Marco (italyn: Piazza San Marco), which is considered one of the most popular attractions in Venice, and even the most famous of all.

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the first bridge built in the italyn city of Venice, and it is one of the most famous places in it, in addition to being an important and vital symbol for it, and it also leads to the famous Rialto Market where fresh fish and delicious spices are sold. And various products. It is important to mention that this bridge on the Grand Canal provides an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the city, which can not be missed in any way.

Venice Festival

Carnival, or Venice’s festival, is a wonderful exhibition festival, which includes the wearing of Venetian costumes and masquerade masks, as well as a water show, and many entertainment facilities that are attractive to tourists who want such a pleasant atmosphere. It should be noted that this festival takes place in February, and lasts for several weeks in a frame of joy and joy.

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