At the northern end of the first Nile waterfalls, which represent the southern borders of ancient Egypt, the city of Aswan has always been of great strategic importance, and there are many tourism sites in Aswan that visitors must see or pass through, as the Nile River is broad in it, and gently flows from a lake Nasser about the black granite rocks and palm-encrusted islands, and where many of Aswan hotels and guest houses provide a lot for visitors to the most important tourism cities in the beloved Egypt, and in this report we specialize in Aswan’s hotels prices for Egyptians in particular.

The most important tips for obtaining Aswan hotels prices for Egyptians

Here are some tips and advice about Aswan hotel prices that we will review with you, which we have chosen depending on several factors, which will be centered on Aswan hotels reservation for Egyptians in particular, and some hotel prices in Aswan in the Egyptian pound among other currencies:

• First of all, before booking Aswan hotels for Egyptians and others, I advise you to make a list that includes Egypt’s hotels in the Aswan region that meets your requirements.

• Since most of Aswan’s hotel reservations for Egyptians are almost on the weekend, regardless of the tourist peak period, it is better to book the hotel through one of the internationally accredited hotel websites, because it provides some price offers to all visitors, in addition to what it provides to Egyptians from within the country in a way Special.

• Internet searches on hotel websites are preferred, most of which offer Aswan hotel price offers for Egyptians in particular.

• Some international 5-star and 4-star hotels provide some special offers that depend on the length of stay, for example, a week’s reservation in such hotels gives you an opportunity to get a free fifth day offer, and a discount for the sixth and seventh days, and so on, and such offers can be obtained By contacting the hotel directly.

• Reserve 2-star Aswan hotels in the Egyptian pound, which provide all the facilities and services provided by the categories 5, 4 and 3 stars at lower prices.

• To get the best accommodation in Aswan with cheap prices, it can be chosen far from the city center and its tourist sites, taking into account its proximity to public transportation to reach all places to be visited.

• Avoid booking during the peak tourist period, which is winter in general, when Aswan hotel prices for Egyptians are at their highest levels.

Aswan hotels prices for Egyptians

Below is a list of hotels we recommend for you when booking hotels
Aswan for Egyptians in particular, to help you choose the best one for your requirements.

Kato Dool Nubian Resort

Kato Doll is an excellent choice for travelers who visit Aswan from Egyptians and others, as the hotel provides many special offers, and where the best prices for Aswan hotels are for Egyptians and travelers within specified budgets, the hotel also provides a romantic environment for new grooms.

The hotel has many distinct leisure facilities, and offers full accommodation spaces, with free Wi-Fi and free parking.

And he is away
The hotel is 12.3 km from Aswan International Airport, 150 m from the historical village of Nubia, and 5.7 km from
The Nile Museum, Aswan.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel earned excellent reviews in all respects, especially the location’s calm and views, the professionalism of the staff, the variety and quality of food, and the value for money.

He complained
Some visitors lack of some supplies and devices in the rooms such as TV, and a relationship

Hotel reservation
Prices of hotels in Aswan in Egyptian pounds vary from hotel to hotel, according to facilities and services

Helnan Aswan Hotel

Helnan is distinguished by providing distinguished offers on the Aswan hotels price list for budget friendly Egyptians, in addition to its vital location, facilities and various services.

The hotel is 24.3 km from Aswan International Airport, 350 m from Al-Raya Mall and 850 m from Durrat Al-Nile Park.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received very good reviews with regard to the views of the site, the level of general hygiene, staff cooperation, and the size of the rooms.

One of the downsides of the hotel was the need for some room bathrooms to maintain, and the site is far from the city center.

Hotel reservation
Some instructions before booking Aswan hotels for Egyptians

Philae Aswan Hotel

The hotel offers a variety of accommodation at competitive prices with comprehensive services for the convenience of the guests. All bookings include breakfast.

The hotel is 25.9 km from Aswan International Airport.
1.3 km from Nubia Museum, and 4.4 km from Saluja and Ghazal Reserve.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was well received by the hotel in a good rate in several respects, the most important of which are its location on the Nile Corniche, cleanliness, staff, and food quality.

Among the most prominent of the guests are the absence of an elevator in the hotel and the lack of recreational facilities.

Hotel reservation
Aswan hotels offer many accommodations for Egyptians with various facilities and services

Cleopatra Hotel Aswan

Cleopatra is considered one of the best accommodations that provide distinguished services, as part of Aswan hotels, especially for Egyptians.

The hotel is 25.7 km from Aswan International Airport, 1.9 km from Animalia Museum and 3 km from Aswan Botanical Island.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel reviews were good in terms of location proximity to services, variety and quality of food, professional staff, and value for money.

What most dissatisfied with the visitors was the lack of free Wi-Fi in the rooms, the external inconvenience, and the annoying air conditioning sound in some rooms.

Hotel reservation
Aswan hotel prices for Egyptians vary according to the period of reservation and the hotel category

What are the best times of the year to get the cheapest hotel rates in Aswan in Egyptian pounds?

Most of the periods of the year except winter, where Aswan hotels prices for Egyptians more than double sometimes.

How to get the cheapest prices in Aswan hotels?

We recommend avoiding booking Aswan hotels for Egyptians in the winter season as prices rise more than double sometimes in the boom season, and compare hotels to choose the most appropriate in terms of price.

What are the prices of Aswan hotels for Egyptians 5-star?

Aswan’s 5-star hotel rates range from $ 75 to $ 350, depending on the period of the year

What are the prices of Aswan hotels for Egyptians overlooking the Nile?

Aswan hotels on the Nile range from $ 120 to $ 400, according to their classification and period of the year.

How much are Aswan hotels in the New Year season?

Aswan hotels prices are more than twice as high as New Year’s time, as one night’s stay can reach more than $ 500.

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