The Fairmont Makkah Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Mecca, which is a popular destination for many visitors to the city as a result of its distinct services and facilities, in addition to a professional and cooperative team, and these features work together to provide guests with comfortable and special accommodations. And since the most important thing that comes to mind with tourists is, how much is the Clock Tower Hotel in Makkah? We answered during our next report, by providing some advice on the best prices for the Clock Tower Makkah Hotel during different times of the year.

Tips to get the best prices for Mecca Clock Tower Hotel

During the following lines, we gathered some tips to help you choose the best time to book and find out the cheapest clock tower hotels in Mecca.

• The prices of the Clock Tower Hotel are very high during the Umrah season, which begins during the fall semester in October and continues until the blessed month of Ramadan in April or May.

• And also the Hajj season, which is in August, and these periods of the year do not advise you if your budget is limited.

• There may be some offers such as discounts on the price of Clock Tower hotels, or take advantage of some facilities for free, due to the increase in the length of stay, or the number of guests.

• Clock tower prices are often high when choosing units with direct views of the Grand Mosque or the city.

Features Makkah Clock Tower Hotel

The Clock Tower Hotel Makkah offers various units with views of the Kaaba, the Sanctuary and the Holy City, in which the prices of the Clock Tower Hotel vary.

It also features a fitness center, concierge service and an indoor children’s play area.

Also daily cleaning service, car rental service and free Wi-Fi.

Dining options

The hotel has 8 restaurants, all of which offer a varied menu of international, eastern, Turkish and Indian cuisines, and a minibar is available for various drinks.

Available rooms

City Twin Room – Disabled.

Twin and triple room with city or Kaaba view.

Fairmont King with City View.

Deluxe twin room with partial view of the sanctuary.

Gold room with city view.

Twin residential suite City or overlooking the Haram or Kaaba.

Signature Twin Room or Suite with Kaaba or Haram View.

Gold twin room with view of the Sanctuary or Kaaba.

King City or Kaaba Junior Suite.

Quad housing overlooking the sanctuary.

Hotel rates

Average hourly hotel tower prices for Mecca per night range between 150 and 455 USD, depending on the reservation period inside or outside the tourist season.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

As the best hotel in Saudi Arabia, the hotel has received very good reviews from the Arab visitors in terms of location, comfort, cleanliness, staff performance, and facilities.

Hotel reservation
Clock Tower Hotel Makkah prices vary according to the tourist seasons
You get the highest prices on Clock Tower Hotel, with outstanding services and facilities during the tourist season
Clock tower hotel prices are on the list of mid-range hotels
Clock tower hotel prices in Mecca are one of the best prices for those looking for an average price and luxury services

Makkah Clock Tower Hotel website

The hotel is 95.3 km from King Abdulaziz Airport. Abraj Al-Bait Mall and Abraj Al-Bait Mall are 13 meters away. Zamzam Weil is 1.2 km away.

For more information and the latest clock tower hotel rates in Mecca, you can visit his page on the Bukking website.

Hotel reservation

What are the best times of the year to get the cheapest Clock tower prices, Mecca ?

This is during most of the year except for the months that occur in the Hajj and Umrah seasons, where prices rise to nearly double due to the arrival of the tourist season to its peak.

How to get cheaper Clock tower prices ?

We recommend avoiding hotel reservations during periods of tourist seasons, which are during the autumn and winter periods, as prices rise to nearly double.

The average price of the Clock Tower Hotel in Mecca ?

The average price of a clock tower hotel ranges from 464 to 136 USD, depending on the period of the year and the number of accompanying individuals.

Is it different Clock tower prices, Mecca In the New Year season?

Yes, the prices of the clock tower hotels differ in the New Year, as the New Year coincides with the winter season, and it is one of the busy periods of the year, as it falls within the Umrah seasons, and therefore the residence price in some hotels may exceed $ 500.

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