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Istanbul city

Istanbul occupies a great place in the world, being one of the most important cities in terms of architecture, as it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey because of its ancient archeological buildings, such as mosques, museums, palaces, and monuments in addition to a number of water fountains scattered in the city, and the specialized markets By selling high-quality carpets and ceramics, and touristic places include: Ibrahim Palace Museum, Turkish Carpet Museum, and Mosaic Museum.

Mount Nimrod

The height of the mountain is 2134 m above the surface of the earth, and this mountain has gained its tourist and historical importance due to the ruins it belongs to the Kingdom of Comagene, which was built by order of King Antiochus, and the most important of these relics is the sacred temple which includes its own statue, two statues in the form of an eagle, and two statues in the form of A lion was created in 62 BC.

Hagia Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia Museum is located in Istanbul, and it is an important tourist destination because of its historical importance. It was established in the era of the Eastern Romen Empire to be the largest church at that time, and in 1935 AD it was converted into a museum on the orders of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace was built in the city of Istanbul in the fifteenth century AD, and was the main site for the establishment of the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years, as it was considered the political and social center of the city, and has been included in the list of world heritage sites.

Sabadir Valley

The Sabadar Valley is located 44 km from the city of Alanya, and is considered one of the most beautiful natural areas in Turkey, because of the natural scenes it contains, such as the waterfalls flowing from the turquoise water, which relax and make tourists feel comfortable and at ease.


The city of Ephesus overlooks the coast of Ionia, which is one of the most famous ancient cities in Turkey, and has gained its tourist importance because of the Greek and Romen monuments it still exists, and the most famous and most important of which are the library of Celsus, Hadrian’s Temple, and the ancient theater.

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