The most important tourist attractions in Algeria

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Tourist attractions in Algeria

The countries of the Maghreb are distinguished by their beauty in general, and the beauty of Algeria in particular, because of the features and effects that attract every researcher about beauty to enjoy in the country of a million martyrs, where the tourist areas in Algeria abound, due to the expansion of its area, and being the largest Arab and African country, in addition to its occurrence On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, which increases its beauty, and in our article we will talk about the most important tourist attractions in the city of Constantine, Jijel and Timgad, as examples of Algerian cities that include beautiful and important tourist attractions, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Tourist attractions in Constantine

It is located in the east of Algeria, and it is one of the largest cities in Algeria for a population, and it is called the “City of Hanging Bridges”. This is known as the “Qandura”, and it is wandered in the markets of the old city, and many craftsmen see it in their shops.

  • Suspended bridges, where there are more than eight bridges, some of which were destroyed due to lack of restoration, and these bridges were constructed to connect the eastern and eastern parts of Constantine.
  • Prince Abdul Qadir Mosque, which is characterized by its beautiful decoration and wonderful architecture, which attracts many tourists to visit from all over the world.
  • The Dead Monument, which was built in 1934 AD to perpetuate the victims of France who fell in the First World War.

Sightseeing in Jijel

It is located in eastern Algeria, which is a coastal state with a coast length of one hundred and twenty kilometers.

  • The Jijel Corniche, which paints a pleasing view to the viewers, as the mountains that extend there are surrounded by the presence of forests and the sea, and it is an important tourist destination for visitors from all over the world to enjoy the scenic landscapes in it.
  • The caves, which are located in an area called “Ziyama”, are natural caves bordered by an ancient bridge.

Sightseeing in Timgad

It is a city in which the features of cultural and economic life are evident in the Roman era. It was described as a “strong and prosperous Roman colony” in the UNESCO report, and is located 418 km east of Algiers, and the Emperor Trajan built it in the hundredth century AD, with the aim of repelling the attacks of mountain people. Aures, and at the present time this city hosts the most important international forums and cultural and tourist festivals.

  • A public square (Forum) is located in the city center, and it contains a solar clock that is described as large, and it consists of long orthogonal lines that determine the time by reflecting the sunlight on it.
  • The public library, which is the second Roman library in the world at the time, and consists of eight shelves.
  • The Arch of Trajan, one of the Romanes known for its beauty, was built during the second century in order to perpetuate the successes and victories of “Trajan”.
  • The Medina Theater, which is one of the most important attractions for tourists, on the basis that it is a cultural landmark in which various festivals and parties are held.

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