The most important tourist attractions in Belgium

المسافرون العرب

Bayeri Design Park

Bayeri Daisa Park is located in Haina Province, a zoo located on an area of ​​approximately 650,000 square meters. The park is characterized by its animal wealth, as it contains more than five thousand animals, the most important of which are: koala, panda, gorilla, They live in places designated for them, beautifully designed, and beautiful, in addition to the presence of bat birds, as well as a group of cafes and restaurants.

Historical Bruges

Historical Brugge located in Belgium is considered one of the most popular destinations in it, as it was classified in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2000 AD, and it is considered a modern cultural center in Europe; it includes a group of ancient historical buildings, churches , In addition to museums located on the cobbled streets, which are characterized by a different, distinctive architectural style.

Mons Memorial Museum

The Mons Memorial Museum is located in the Belgian city of Mons, and it represents a realistic picture of the city during the two world wars. The museum displays the human side of the war, as it displays the nature of the lives of soldiers, the suffering of civilians in war, and others.

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Uedunk Castle

Ooidonk Castle is considered one of the most magnificent castles in Belgium, and it is one of the best attractions in its tourism, and although its history dates back to the thirteenth century, it was subjected to rebuilding several times until it appeared as It appears now, and it is reported that the aim of its foundation was to protect the Belgian city of Ghent, and to protect the Li River, but at present it represents the headquarters of Count Ticent de Rodenpick, and it is distinguished as a wonderful example of the Spanish Flemish architecture that emerged in the Renaissance.

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Dinant City

Dinant is located in the province of Namur, in particular along the Meuse River, which is about 65 km south of Brussels. The city is characterized by the presence of the Han Caves, which is one of the largest and most beautiful caves In Europe, the magnificent Dinant Cave, in addition to the presence of picturesque natural places, and others.

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