The most important tourist attractions in Bursa

المسافرون العرب

Oulu Mosque

Ulu Mosque is an ancient historical archaeological mosque built in 1421 AD, during the era of the Ottoman Empire, and it is characterized by its wide area, its impressive twenty domes, and the various decorations in which the Arabic calligraphy appears.

The Green Mosque

The Green Mosque (in Turkish: Yeşil Mosque) is an ancient historical mosque, built in 1421 AD, and characterized by its splendid architecture in the Ottoman Turkish style. The mosque includes among its walls a fountain of ablution, a theological college, and a library. It is near the Yasil mausoleum, which houses the tomb of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I.

Orhan Gazi Complex

The Orhan Gazi Külliye complex (in Turkish: Orhan Gazi Külliye) is a vast historical complex built around the year 1340 AD by the order of the Sultan Orhan Ghazi. It has been converted into a bazaar.

Yildirim complex

Yıldırım complex (in Turkish: Yıldırım Külliye) was built by order of the Ottoman Sultan Beyazit I in the 1890’s, and the complex includes a school, hostel, houses, bathroom, mosque, kitchens, and stables, in addition to a building that represented the first public hospital in the state.

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Mouradia complex

Muradiye Complex is an old Ottoman complex housed in a shaded garden, and includes an old mosque, a religious school, as well as a group of tombs decorated with reliefs and magnificent motifs dating back to the Ottoman emperors.

Amir Sultan Mosque

The Sultan Mosque of Amir Sultan, which was built during the fourteenth century AD named after the son-in-law of the Sultan Bayezid I, and his consultant, and is considered one of the oldest Ottoman mosques in the region, and is distinguished by its architecture in the Ottoman Baroque style.

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Bursa City Museum

The Bursa City Museum includes artifacts and a handcraft bazaar, which mixes cultural, ethnographic, and multimedia beauty groups to express the city’s history, its Ottoman presence, and military campaigns.

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