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Giza Pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza are considered among the wonders of the ancient world, as they date back to 4 thousand years ago, and they represent huge tombs, and high-rise buildings were built by the order of the great pharaohs, and these pyramids are distinguished by their amazing architecture and finite engineering in accuracy, indicating thus The Power of Ancient Egypt.

Al Azhar mosque

Al Azhar Mosque is an ancient historical archaeological mosque built in the era of the Fatimid state in 970 AD, and thus is considered one of the oldest mosques in Cairo, and is characterized by its harmonious design of mixed architectural styles.

Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower (English: Cairo Tower) was built in 1961 AD, and is considered the highest building in North Africa, as it reaches 187 meters high, and is characterized by its splendid architectural design, and includes at the top a rotating restaurant, and a monitoring platform that gives visitors an amazing view of the rest of the city.

The suspended Coptic Church

The Coptic Hanging Church is an ancient archaeological historical church that is considered one of the oldest religious monuments in the country. It was built in the seventh century AD, and a part of it was created on the ancient castle of Babylon, so it was called the Pendent, and the church is also distinguished by the splendor of religious icons, Marble platform, wooden ceilings, and others.

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum includes in its two floors a large number of works and ancient historical artifacts that express the history of Egypt about 5 thousand years ago, including: antiquities and statues dating back to the era of the Pharaonic life.

Abdin Palace Museum

Abdeen Palace Museum is located in the old part of the city of Cairo, specifically in the Abdin neighborhood. The museum building previously represented a presidential residence, then it turned into a museum open to visitors and tourists. This museum includes many works and pieces Precious, including: royal property, weapons, silver coins, historical documents, luxury paintings, and others.

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