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Niagara Falls

There is no denying the fact that Niagara Falls located in the Canadian city of Ontario is one of the most famous landmarks in Canada, and the most powerful waterfalls in North America, and perhaps the most famous in the world, as it is one of the most tourist destinations attracting millions of visitors. The bursting force of water of more than 168,000 cubic meters per minute gives it splendor and beauty, noting that in its surroundings it includes resorts, gardens, restaurants, hotels, and others.

Van Dossen Botanical Garden

Van Dusen Garden (English: VanDusen Garden), which is one of the six maze of Elizabethan hedge in North America, is located in the Canadian city of Vancouver, and it is designed from trees all planted in the fall of the year 1981 AD, where it was growing slowly forming the maze in its current form, Note that the number of trees planted reached 3,000 trees from the pyramidal rice. It should be noted that this garden, which covers an area of ​​222,577 m 2, has been named after this name, according to Whitford, Julian van Dossen, and it is open to visitors, tourists, and those willing to venture throughout the year, except for Christmas.

St. James’s Cathedral

St. James’ Cathedral, which was completed in 1874 AD, is located in the Canadian city of Toronto, and it is one of its most important landmarks, as it is the oldest church in Canada, and its tower is the highest in the country as well, and is built in the Gothic style Early.
It is worth noting that visitors can enter it and see its magnificent architecture on any day, knowing that Tuesday is allocated in the period between the months of September and June of each year, specifically at one o’clock in the afternoon to display free concerts, On Sundays, the visitor can see rehearsals, and the choir for the cathedral, in addition to that is devoted on Saturdays, to display short concerts for members, and to speak to the famous organist David Briggs.

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