Detail names The most important tourist attractions of Cologne Cologne, that charming German city, we will learn about the most important places through the experiences of previous travelers on the site of Arab travelers.

The most important tourist attractions of Cologne:

  • Cologne Old Town:

It is possible to explore the historical museums and churches in Cologne, this city full of unique charm features, there are many ancient churches such as the Church of St. Martin the Great, in which you will find yourself having to cross a strange alley with no number with a wonderful splendor of the old traditional houses. Today, it is considered a main habitat for boutique shops, cafes, galleries and restaurants, and there are a number of interesting paths along the river, which gave a great opportunity to wonderful scenery, and in that old city there are many fountains that decorate the area, where there are some A side-by-side with the presence of the archaeological area, which is available by many beautiful artifacts and ancient monuments.

  • Ludwig Museum and Ralph Richartz Museum:

These two museums are considered one of the most modern architectural structures in the city, and they are also excellent exhibitions covering a wide range of European painting embodying the artistic characteristic of European artists.
  • Colin Cable Car:

Since it was founded in 1957 as the first cable car in Europe to cross the Rhine, it can be easily reached through any public transport, and the Cologne cable car is one of the best ways to tackle the effect of gravity, where you can enjoy spectacular monuments in one direction.

  • Old Town Hall:

It is considered one of the oldest buildings in Germany, as it dates back more than 900 years, and is considered a pivotal center for the ruling classes during the Middle Ages, this building, which is a great and powerful reflection of many different architectural influences, including the main building that dates back It was built in the fourteenth century, as well as the tower that was built in the fifteenth century and which was built in the Renaissance style.

  • The Germanic Romen Museum:

This museum is considered one of the most important museums in the city of Cologne, as it is the first witness to a large number of historical facts that took place in the city, and this museum includes a large number of complete graves, archaeological artifacts and glass items that were used in cooking, all dating back to the Romen-Germanic era. Or as it is known as the era of the Holy Romen Empire, which made this city the first place for all lovers of history lovers, and those who love to explore different historical periods.

  • Augustusburg palaces (Falklust Palace):

These palaces are located in the south of the city of Cologne in the region of Schloss Augsburg, and this palace is the palace of the Archbishop of Cologne during the eighteenth century, and this palace is characterized by its late charm, where its decorations and furnishings are more than wonderful, and this palace is also famous for the magnificent staircase hall, and there is a large garden that is used In holding festivals and parties in the open air, the Falkenlust Palace, which was built in 1740 and which is one of the world heritage, is shared in this park. This park is also home to a number of other historical museums, including the exhibition dedicated to artist Max Ernst Surrealism art, this is next to the Falkenplattens and Augustsburg Castle, so if the picnic is accompanied by children, you can visit this palace and spend an excellent recreational day.

  • Cologne Cathedral:

This cathedral is the longest in the world, and one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, beside it is one of the prominent tourist symbols of the city, and its construction dates back to 1880, and is characterized by its great historical value, which made it receive the attention of UNESCO in 1996, and the number of visitors to the cathedral annually nearly 6 million visitors, it is an important attraction and a distinctive tourist attraction, it is possible to see the cathedral from the outside in order to get acquainted with the construction methods used in the past, this cathedral is characterized by a unique architectural style, there are a large number of valuable holdings and a huge number of artifacts, this is beside what Contains It has decorations and reliefs, and it is possible to climb up to the top of the cathedral in order to enjoy its most impressive panoramic view of the city of Cologne, and visit times start from ten in the morning until ten in the evening.

  • Zoo :

The Cologne Zoo is one of the most important tourist attractions in Germany, and it is considered one of the largest zoos where it was established in 1860 and is the third oldest zoo in the state of Germany, and it is one of the leading parks in the field of interest in wildlife, as it is known for its overwhelming success in the world in breeding Of several types of animals such as chimpanzees, and the area of ​​this garden is about 20 hectares, and there are more than 9000 animals belonging to many different species.
This garden has been divided into a number of sections, there is a section devoted to owls, another for penguins, and a section for this sea lion as well as a number of beautiful and rare birds. There is also a jungle house which has a number of types of chimpanzees, monkeys and the African gorilla, and it is possible to visit the villa park, which is The most popular by visitors to the park, where elephants can be seen closely with the presence of many observers and specialists, while in the middle of the park there is a large artificial lake protected by glass, where visitors can see many water animals such as frogs, lizards, tigers, snakes and Altma Seeh in addition to many types of fish, this is in addition to many other departments, as for the garden opening times, starting from nine in the morning until five in the evening.

  • Hoch Strassa Street:

It is considered one of the oldest and busiest streets of Cologne, besides that it is one of its most famous tourist attractions, this street is an ideal choice for shopping lovers because it contains a number of international and local brands of clothes in addition to the presence of many shops selling accessories and shops selling handmade art and electronic parts, along with There are a number of cafes and restaurants, it is possible to shop from the most luxurious international stores such as Zero, Media Market, Mango and other well-known brands, and many handmade art pieces can also be purchased as souvenirs, and there are a number of Turkish restaurants in this street T take care of serving halal food, or getting snacks and drinks while enjoying the nature of life on the Hoch Strassen Street.

  • Hohenzollern Bridge:

This bridge is called the Locksmith Bridge, and it is considered one of the famous tourist places in Cologne where it is known as the Bridge of Love, and this bridge is located on the River Rhine that contains many suspended locks that are placed by lovers and spouses, as a kind of expression of commitment to the covenants between them, so it is carried out By digging the important dates and names on these locks and then hanging them on the wall of the bridge, then throwing the key into the river, it is also possible to take a tour on the bridge that features its beautiful view of the Rhine with the meeting of some memorial photos, or visit any of the monuments that are located near a bridge Love colin or ten First food at any of the nearby restaurants.

  • Cologne Tower:

This tower is considered one of the tourist places in the city of Cologne, as it is one of the highest towers that the city is characterized by, it is considered the second tallest tower in the city as it reaches 148 meters, and attracts a large number of visitors and tourists in order to enjoy wonderful views of the city, beside It is possible to eat while enjoying the panoramic views available in the tower restaurant, which made it an important tourist place.

  • Chocolate Museum:

It is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in Cologne, as it attracts a lot of tourists, especially chocolate lovers, this museum is located on the banks of the River Rhine near the old city, and displays the colossal figures of the city of Cologne, which were made of chocolate, and this museum is one of the most important Tourist places in the city, and you can take a tour inside this museum to see the types of chocolate and know how to make it, so you can taste what you like from it, and in each section in the museum a history of different types is explained, and there are some special activities that are established there where the visitor can make a template Shaw Cholate by himself, as there are a number of experts and specialists to provide assistance, and after completing the briefing and tasting of chocolate, you can go to the shopping department and buy chocolate.



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