The most important tourist attractions in Dubai 2022

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We offer you, dear reader, through our article today from Arab travelers, the most important tourist attractions of Dubai 2020, it is that charming and wonderful city that millions of visitors come to every year, because of its wonderful tourist and recreational places, it ranks fourth in the number of visitors worldwide , Which made it among the developed countries.

There you can enjoy the beaches, archaeological and historical places. You can also shop at the largest shopping malls in the world. You can enjoy the amusement parks and wonderful parks. Nobody goes to Dubai and does not see the amazing Burj Khalifa, which is considered the highest and longest on According to Arab travelers, the Guinness World Record.
So, let’s take you on a tour to get to know the most important places and landmarks in Dubai, so go ahead.

The most important tourist attractions in Dubai 2020

  • That city has a significant expansion in economic activity, as it is one of the important sites that attract investors, as it is considered as the second largest largest emirate after the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • It does not rely solely on oil income, but it has many other services available to citizens, including trade, real estate, financial services, and others.
  • And there are many landmarks that are frequented by tourists, and attracted to it, which then brings material benefit to the city, including: –

Burj Khalifa

  • Many visitors go to it every year, it is the highest skyscraper globally, its length reaches 828 meters, and it contains upscale hotels, offices in addition to commercial complexes, restaurants, and other services.
  • You can enjoy watching the absence of the sun and its magical view through it, and see the entire city from above.
  • Dubailand

    Among the largest tourism initiatives undertaken by the Dubai government, there you can enjoy the sport of horseback riding, and there are also golf courses, and large sports spaces, as well as motorsports.

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    Garden of flowers (miracle)

    It is called Dubai Miracle Garden, and it has approximately 45 million flowers, and its total area reaches 72,000 square kilometers, it is characterized by accuracy and splendor in design, and many visitors go to it every year, as it was nominated for the entry of the Arab travelers Genius for records, because it contains a pyramid From flowers, its base reaches 144 square meters, while the height reaches 10 meters.

    Water park

    Among the most famous gardens in the world, it is visited by many tourists annually, and contains a lot of water games, and it has 24 games connected to slides, and also through which you can ride artificial waves.

    Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

    • It is located in Bur Dubai, and it is considered one of the old neighborhoods in the city, so you can walk on your feet in this neighborhood, and see winding alleys and wind towers.
    • You can also visit the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Civilizational Communication, to participate in touring, visiting and learn more about the local culture.
    • After that you can take a boat, and go on a wonderful visit to the markets on the other side of the creek.

    Dubai Fountain

    When you go to the amazing Burj Khalifa, you can find below the legendary Dubai Fountain, which is the largest dance fountain in the world, the water dance show may reach a height of 150 meters.
    The water is illuminated in color, while dancing to the music tones, as it is considered one of the best shows in Dubai.

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    Dubai Marina

    It is considered one of the largest man-made marinas, you can walk there and look at the tall residential buildings, and you can sail in the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

    Dubai malls

    Dubai is characterized by the presence of many different shopping malls that own the most famous international brands and brands, in addition to the presence of dozens of restaurants and cafes available to them, including: –

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    • The Dubai Mall.
    • Emirates Mall.
    • Ibn Battuta Mall.
    • Wafi Mall.
    • Mercato Shopping.
    • Deira City Center.
    • Dubai Festival City Mall.
    • City Walk Dubai.

    Other tourist places in Dubai

    In addition to what we presented during the previous lines, we find that there are other places that do not miss the opportunity to visit, including: –

    • Dubai Frame.
    • Dubai Parks and Resorts.
    • The IMG theme park is a world of adventure.
    • Dubai Opera Culture Center.
    • City Walk.
    • Fabric market.
    • gold market.
    • Perfume market.
    • Dubai Aquarium.
    • Ski Dubai.
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