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tourism in Egypt

Tourism is one of the most important foundations and pillars of the national economy in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and is considered the primary engine for the wheel of investment and economic, social, and political growth for it, since it has historically been the focus of capitalist development and recently formed the core of the model of full competition in the partial economic theory of the Republic as it is a pillar The backbone of all developmental and economic sectors.

The most important tourist attractions in Egypt

The Egyptian people grew up with all their generations and classes since ancient times in light of the presence of tourists in many regions of the Republic, because the Arab Republic of Egypt is characterized by the abundance of tourist attractions of various kinds, given the abundance of temples and monuments, in addition to the presence of the Pharaonic village that contains a large number of Pharaonic statues It attracts tourists and those interested in antiquities and that era in particular, except for the availability of a strong tourism infrastructure, which includes an unlimited number of different and multi-star hotels, and it is considered the most attractive area for tourists Cairo, Alexandria and the Bahr Governorate Hamar, Hurghada and Sinai, especially the regions of South Sinai, on top of which are Sharm El-Sheikh and its resorts.

Giza Pyramids

When talking about the tourist attractions in Egypt, we can only begin to talk about the ancient royal buildings that the ancient pharaohs built and called the pyramids, those marvel whose construction took a long period extending from the year 2480 BC to the year 2550 BC, i.e. About twenty-five centuries BC, and its construction extends from the Giza area to the Hawara region, located at the entrance to Fayoum on the west bank of the Nile.

The purpose of building the pyramids was to preserve the mummy of Pharaoh, facilitate his journey to the afterlife or help him ascend to heaven, where King Khufu built the Great Pyramid to be buried there, and there was a prevailing belief among the Pharaohs that King Khufu’s spirit looked after them and guarded them even after his death, in addition to The pyramid of both Khafra and Menkaure, and the pyramids are considered one of the largest tourist attractions in the Republic, as it is visited by visitors from all over the world.

Egyptian Museum

It is one of the largest and most famous international museums, located in Cairo, specifically near Tahrir Square and includes a very large collection of antiquities from ancient Egypt, its origins date back to 1835 AD, and the museum now includes the greatest archaeological collection in the world that reflects all the stages of ancient Egyptian history, and the largest compete in that International museums, such as the British International Museum, the Louvre and others, as it is rare for tourists to go to Egypt without going through this important tourist stop there.

Al-Azhar Mosque

One of the most famous Islamic monuments in Egypt and all Arab countries, which is considered the best destination for learning about the true Islamic religion, and one of the most important platforms for science and knowledge, as it is a tourist destination, especially for students, religious scholars and those interested in this field.

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