Narikala Fortress

Narikala Fortress is located in the Georgian city of Tbilisi, and it is located on a very ancient historical site, but the parts of the castle are very recent. They were built during the nineties of the last century, and they are characterized by its location, and its wonderful views of the city and the Kura River. .

The Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is located in Tbilisi, and is considered one of its most prominent monuments, and one of the largest religious buildings in the world, as it is considered the third largest Orthodox church in the world (according to the classification in the year 2020 AD), and in addition to its large size, it is It is distinguished by its magnificent architecture and amazing view during the night with golden lights.

Telavi area

The Telavi region is considered an important historical site in Georgia. Throughout its long history, there were Romen, Russian, Kakheti, and Georgian kings, each of whom had their mark in the area that contains many buildings and ancient historical monuments, including: The Lord’s Castle, the walls of the ancient castle, the Church of Allaudi, as well as the 900-year-old Sycamore Tree.

Rabat Castle

Rabati Castle is an ancient historical castle built for the first time during the ninth century AD, and it was known then as Loomisa Castle, and it obtained its current name since the Ottoman rule, and was developed and expanded, knowing that it included a mosque, a city, and a church .

Gelati Monastery

The Gelati Monastery is located in the western part of Georgia, specifically northeast of the city of Kutaisi, and it is an ancient historical monastery that witnessed the burial of many of the kings of Georgia, including King David The Builder who died in the twelfth century AD, and the monastery is characterized by its wonderful architecture, And his amazing mural paintings.

Udapno Monastery

Udabno Monastery is a group of archeological caves carved into steep cliff rocks. These caves contain murals dating back to the tenth and eleventh centuries.

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