The most important tourist attractions in Giza Governorate

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Neighboring pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza are considered one of the most important landmarks of Giza Governorate in particular, and Egypt in general, and they are located on the western bank of the Nile River, and they represent three huge pyramid buildings that were built to be the graves of three prominent figures from the Pharaonic dynasty that ruled Egypt during the period (2575). -2465) BC, these pyramids are:

  • The pyramid of Khufu or the Great Pyramid: It is the largest pyramid of the three pyramids of Giza, and belongs to King Khufu, the second king of the Fourth Dynasty.
  • Khafre Pyramid: It is the middle pyramid, and belongs to King Khafra.
  • Menkaure Pyramid: It is the smallest pyramid, and returns to King Menkaure the fifth king of the Fourth Dynasty.


The Sphinx statue is considered one of the landmarks that cannot be ignored in Giza Governorate, and it represents a huge stone statue that was carved and built in the rock by the Pharaohs, and it takes the form of a leaning lion’s body and a human head, Pharaoh, and this statue was puzzled by scientists The effects, and the imagination gave rise to many speculations.

The Pyramid of Djoser

The Pyramid of Djoser is located in the Saqqara Cemetery in the ancient city of Memphis, Giza Governorate, and it is considered the oldest pyramid in the world. It was built during the twenty-seventh century BC, to be the tomb of the Pharaonic king Djoser, and is characterized by its hierarchical design with graduated sides , And flowchart.

Khufu Boat Museum

The Cheops Boat Museum is located to the south of the pyramid of Khufu (the Great Pyramid). It is represented by the presence of an ancient wooden ship, which dates back to the era of the Pharaonic king Khufu, and is believed to be the oldest ship in the world.

Eastern Cemetery

It is an ancient historical cemetery that includes tombs of Pharaonic figures, the most important of which is the tomb of King Maresanj III of the Fourth Dynasty, and the tomb lobbies include carvings and stone drawings that embody the daily life of the pharaohs.


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