The most important tourist attractions in Hong Kong

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Historical Sites

  • Tian Tian Buddha Temple: The museum is located in the Chinese village of Ngong Ping, and is famous for its huge bronze statue of bronze, which is 34,14 m high and weighs 250,000 kg, knowing that it can be accessed by means of the stairs consisting of 268 degrees.
  • Monastery of the Ten Thousand Buddha Statue: The temple is famous because it contains thirteen thousand statues of Buddha, knowing that it can be accessed through the staircase consisting of 431 degrees, and decorated on its sides with statues of Buddhists, and upon reaching the summit the visitor has reached a temple consisting of nine floors. Ivory to the goddess Kwon Yom.
  • The Chi Lin Nunnery Complex: Where the history of the establishment of this complex dates back to the thirties of the last century, and it is built entirely of wood without the use of nails, in reference to integration with nature, and the temple includes the Lotus Bond Garden, the Heavenly Kings Hall, and a large statue of Buddha surrounded by the gods.

Natural features

  • Cheung Sha Beach: The beach stretches three kilometers on the south coast of Lantau Island, and it is the longest beach in Hong Kong, and the most attractive for tourists; where they can ride waves, windsurf, or enjoy the sandy beach, which is provided with all services.
  • Nan Lian Garden: It is a traditional garden established in the Cologne region in the year two thousand and six, with an area of ​​thirty-five thousand square meters adorned with green gardens, hills, water, trees, and wooden structures inspired by traditional life.
  • Victoria Summit: The Victoria Summit rises by five hundred and fifty-two meters, and it is thus considered the highest summit in Hong Kong, as it represents one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city, because it overlooks the city, and the green nature of it.

Entertainment attractions

  • Ocean Park: It is the largest entertainment city in Hong Kong, and has many games, a giant panda exhibition, and a cable car to get around the park.
  • Disneyland: The city of Disneyland in Hong Kong opened in two thousand and five, and it is excerpted from the American city of Disney, but it was introduced to its designs Chinese culture and traditions, and the city was divided into seven entertainment areas along a 275,186,1 sq. Meter, including: The Land of Imagination, The Illness, The future, and other lands that connect with each other through a railway.


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