The most important tourist attractions in Kerala

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Thrissur Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum Thrissur (English: Archaeological Museum Thrissur) is one of the most prominent Indian museums in Kerala, where this museum is located in the building of the Shakhtan Thambooran Palace, which was the residence of the ruling dynasty of the city of Kochi, and displays within it many art pieces, murals, and treasures Unique, such as: ancient manuscripts, temple statues, and weapons dating back to ancient times.

Hill Palace Museum

The Hill Palace (English: The Hill Palace) is an historical archaeological palace built in the year 1865AD, and was the residence of the royal family of Kochi, where it remained that way until the Indian Archaeological Survey transformed the palace into a museum open to visitors and tourists. It is worth noting that this museum contains within it many holdings of the royal family, in addition to a number of murals, valuable manuscripts and elaborate statues.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The Padmanabhaswamy temple (in English: Padmanabhaswamy temple) is located in the Indian Trivandrum. Of this wealth, it disappeared throughout history, but some of it was found recently.

Historical Gataio statue

The statue of Jatayu (English: sculpture of Jatayu) is located in the Jatayo Natural Park in Kollam in the Indian state of Kerala, and it is a huge stone statue that takes the shape of an eagle, and extends along 60.96 meters, where the statue is considered the largest in the world.

Paradise Temple

Paradise Temple (English: Pardesi Synagogue) is an archaeological historical landmark built for the first time in 1568 AD, and then subjected to ruin and destruction by the Portuguese in 1662 AD, but the Dutch managed to rebuild it after a short period, and some landmarks were added to it in 1762 . It should be noted that visitors can tour the facilities of the temple, and see the wonderful monuments in it, such as: ornate copper sculptures, the clock tower built in 1760 AD, painted floors, Belgian chandeliers, and inscriptions written in several languages.


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