New guide to the most important tourist attractions in Malaysia is recommended to visit, Malaysia is considered one of the most important tourist destinations that exist in the southeast of the Asian continent, as it is one of the most important developed countries that care about heritage and history, and work to promote the areas that attract tourists in the country, and the number of Inbound tourists are more than twenty-eight million people throughout the year, and one of the most important characteristics of these areas is that they are very diverse and different, and there are many tourist destinations.
This is what makes it the main destination for many tourists, as it has a large series of services that facilitate tourism visitors in Malaysia at good prices that suit everyone, and the country of Malaysia extends over an area that may reach 328.845 square kilometers, in the southeastern part of the Asian continent, and it is formed of Thirteen states and three federal regions, and its capital city Kuala Lumpur, but the federal government headquarters of the country is Putrajai, Malaysia is divided into two parts, the Malaysian peninsula, and the Malaysian Borneo, and the separation between them is the South China Sea and shares borders with Thailand, Indonesia, the Sultanate of Brunei and Singapore, and Wi The tropical climate has been generated due to the rule of its location near the equator, where some statistics indicated that the census population since the year 2015 AD, and today we will show you the most important tourist areas of Malaysia.

The most important tourist attractions in Malaysia:

Tourism in Malaysia has a unique character, so the government pays great attention to this sector and not others, and there are many amusement parks, hotels and many important tourist attractions, including:

  • Negar Museum:

Which is known as the National Museum, and its construction may date back since 1898 AD by the ruling king “Yang de Pertuan Agung III”, and it may be recalled that after the country gained its independence, the federal government has rebuilt since 1957 AD, when it was officially opened in Today, August 31, 1963 A.D.

  • Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse Tower:

This lighthouse comes fourth in the whole world, in terms of height, reaching 421 meters, and tourists stand above the lighthouse to see the city from above, and it contains a showroom with special perspectives to facilitate seeing and exploring every place in the city.

  • Merdeka Square:

It is also called Independence Square, which is located on the front side starting from Sultan Abdul Samad Building, and the square contains a pole at the top of the flag of the Malaysian Federation, until it reaches at least 100 meters, and the first Federation flag is the first to be raised in the country, and this was done in 31 From the month of August 1957 AD.

  • Ngara Mosque:

The National Mosque in the country is considered to have been classified among the largest mosques in the southeast of the Asian continent, whose construction dates back to 1965 AD and renewed in 1987 AD, and is distinguished by the fact that traditional Islamic architecture blends with the modern era.

  • Langkawi Sky Bridge:

It is a trail that has been supported by cables. The bridge may be located in the heart of Langkawi, which belongs to the state of Kedah in Malaysia. Its construction date back to 2005 AD, when the sea level rises to about seven hundred meters and a length of approximately 125 meters.

  • Port Dickson Beach:

Where it is located thirty-two kilometers away from Seremban and about 90 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur and is located specifically in the state of Negeri Sembilan. It is the shortest sea route linking the three most populated countries in the world.

  • Langkawi Island:

Is an archipelago that is one hundred and four from the Andaman Islands thirty kilometers away, and follows the state of Kedah and owns three of the most beautiful and beautiful parks and many beaches through which the tourist can enter the island, and the most important beaches of Muala Peerless, Penang.

  • Museums:

    The country owns a large chain of the most important and prominent museums, including the Museum of Islamic Arts, the Museum of National History, Mapiank, the National Textile Museum, and the marine lapoon, and many museums that concern agriculture, beauty, history, education and ethnography.

  • Cameron Highlands:

It is one of the most important hill stations most attractive to tourists, which has an area estimated at seven hundred and twelve square kilometers, and it may be located in the northwestern part of the state of Baanj, and is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that exist in the country for self-entertainment, due to its attractive nature It also has many services that are available.

  • Christ Church:

It is an Anglican church that dates back to the 18th century and is located in the city of Malacca, and the church floors are composed of various tombstones with some Portuguese and Armenian inscriptions and owns the church bell, and there are records of administration, the sacred altar, and the altar of the silver altar dating back to the Dutch period.

  • Famosa:

  • It is a Portuguese castle located in the Malacca region, and is considered one of the oldest areas that have been found in the country of architectural heritage, and European, and is located in southeastern Asian continent, and the castle was built since 1511 and built by Commander Alfonso de Albuquerque, and the castle consists of Long walls and four main towers, which makes it one of the most attractive places for tourists.



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