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Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace represents one of the most important historical monuments in the Moroccan city of Marrakech, and it is distinguished by its traditional and elaborate architectural design, as it means a large number of tourists and visitors to tour the facilities of the palace, the splendor, the splendor and the vision In addition to wood carvings, and solid plaster sculptures.

Ibn Yusuf School

Ibn Youssef Madrasa is one of the most famous schools and educational centers in Islamic civilization. It is distinguished by its wonderful, simple design, knowing that visitors can walk around the school, see the small class rooms, and watch.

Saadian tombs

The Saadian Tombs (English: Saadian Tombs) represent a historical archaeological site that was discovered in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventeen, knowing that its history dates back to the sixteenth century AD, and it includes many tombs, and the royal shrines of the members of the family of the sixteen years who ruled the south of the sixteenth century that ruled the south of the sixteenth century: , And seventeen, and it also includes reception rooms decorated with colored tiles, marble, plaster, wood carvings, and ceramic inscriptions.

Dar El-Said Museum

The Dar Si Said Museum (English: Dar Si Said Museum) represents one of the most beautiful traditional houses in Marrakech, although it was considered the residence of an important Moroccan figure, and it is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design that shows the Moroccan artistic style. It is worth noting that visitors can tour the facilities of the home, see beautiful mosaic paintings, elaborate gypsum stereoscopes, traditional costumes, ancient weapons, jewelry, and many other museum holdings inside the house.

Jamaâ El Fna Square

Jemaa El Fna Square is an ancient square in which people were executed in the past in front of the public, hence the square took its name, and today it represents one of the most vital areas in Marrakech, where it includes many restaurants, and commercial shops, and is held there. Great musical performances, and it has been on the list of world heritage since the year two thousand one.

Marrakech Museum

The Marrakesh Museum is considered one of the most important museums in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh; it contains within it many beautiful artistic and archaeological pieces, in which visitors can tour the museum’s facilities, and see the wonderful architectural design, where the curved windows and wooden windows appear. And the mosaic floors are decorated, and it should be noted that the museum was previously a palace, then it turned after the independence into a school for girls before it opened in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven as a museum.

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