The most important tourist attractions in Munich

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BMW Museum

The BMW Museum is distinguished as an important tourist destination for visitors, tourists coming to Munich, Germany, and one of the most attractive destinations in it. It enables the visitor to review the history of leadership in the automotive industry, starting with the BMW historical car On prototypes in the manufacture of BMW cars, and their evolution, up to modern models, and their future studies, and in the manufacture of motorcycles, taking the form of a future container in silver color.

The Bavarian National Museum

The classic Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, which dates back to the nineteenth century, includes a diverse collection of historical pieces representing the history of the nation, and thought-provoking artworks, along with royal ornaments, church ornaments, statues, sculptures, and outfits of the era. The Renaissance, in addition to a huge round model representing the city of Munich in the first half of the nineteenth century, and valuable belongings of the Bavarian royal family and others, it is worth noting that these exhibits are distributed in 4 rooms within the three floors of the museum.

Bavaria Statue

The Bavaria Statue is a memorial created by King Ludwig I with a length of 18.5 meters, and a weight of about 90,000 kg. It is located in Munich, Germany, and is one of its landmarks. It should be noted that inside this statue contains a staircase that has a spiral shape that leads to the observation platform located above, which provides a comprehensive view of Munich city center and the October Festival area, through the four cracks in the statue’s helmet.

The English Garden

The English Garden, which is one of the largest urban gardens in the world, was established by Englischer Garten in 1789 AD, and it contains within it many gardens, ponds, lakes, sculptures, cafes, and artificial tables, in addition to the Temple of Apollo Surrounded by ten columns on a hilltop covered with trees, other places and monuments. It should be noted that this park is larger than Central Park located in New York City.


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