The most important tourist attractions in Qatar

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Qatar is one of the Arab countries that exist among the chain of Arab Gulf states. Qatar is one of the smallest countries with a surface area of ​​11,571 square kilometers, and includes many beautiful cities such as Al Wakrah, Al Khor, Al Rayyan, North, Umm Salal in addition to the capital Doha, and contains many Tourist attractions of a picturesque nature, and is characterized by its ability to provide excellent services to tourists who come from all over the world.

The most important tourist attractions in Qatar

Celine Beach Resort

This resort is located in the city of Mesaieed, 50 kilometers from the capital, Doha. It contains many chalets and luxurious villas with a high level of architectural planning, and it overlooks the sea to form a stunning view, and it contains many of the services that it can provide that It includes sports services such as horse riding, playing tennis, basketball, football, and various popular restaurants. Among the most famous of these restaurants are Bon Bennes, Lagoon, Popas Grill, and Ixuma, and services for holding meetings and conferences as well. This product was built in 1994 AD.

Palm island

This region is considered one of the most popular areas in Qatar, and it is attractive to tourists. It is located in the Doha Bay area, which contains many beaches that hundreds of visitors daily, and is a place for practicing various sports activities such as swimming, horse riding, and sailing boats, and this area is away from the Corniche by boat Only five minutes.

The Kingdom of Aladdin

Known as the Entertainment City and found in the West Bay, it contains many games that suit different age groups, and it contains breaks, an artificial lake, a theater, and a cafeteria, to provide distinct services to everyone who goes to this region.


This garden is located 20 kilometers from the capital, Doha, and it contains many different animal species such as reptiles and birds, as it includes a group of different games for children.

Qatar National Museum

This museum contains many ancient monuments, and artifacts dating back to the ancient Islamic era, and contains a special hall highlighting the geological history of the State of Qatar, and it also contains a marine museum interested in highlighting the Qatari wealth ‘in the field of fish, in addition to the presence of a lake containing designs for vehicles Wood found in Qatar.

The House of Popular Traditions

This house is located on Grand Hamad Street, and this house is characterized by an ancient architectural design, and is characterized by its picturesque beauty, and is the only heritage of its kind found in Doha, and Qatar contains many castles such as Al Zubara Castle, Al Kut, Umm Salal Muhammad, Barzan Tower, and many museums as a museum Weapon, Al-Wakra, Al-Khor, and contains Al-Maha Reserve, Al Bida Park, and Al Gharyah Resort.

Qatar will host the most important world championships in the field of football in the year 2022 AD, which is the World Cup championship, and this means that there are more than 32 delegations from the largest countries in the world to follow these events, unlike the presence of the media in them as well. Unprecedented in any stadiums, and all this will increase the tourist attractions of Qatar and its cities.


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