The most important tourist attractions in Russia

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Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is a huge complex of adjacent buildings, surrounded by walls, which was built in the first year in 1156 AD, but it is one of the oldest buildings that still exist today; it dates back to the fourteenth century, when it was represented at the time buildings Stone, which was rebuilt from red brick by Italian architects during the fifteenth century AD, and is characterized by its architecture of various styles; it appeared in the classical architecture, Byzantine, and Russian Baroque.

Red Square

Red Square is located in Moscow, specifically opposite the famous Moscow Kremlin, which is a central public square that was founded at the end of the fifteenth century AD, and since that time it has represented the center of social and political history of Russia, a shopping center, and a theater for executions, And the demonstrations, and it is very popular today with visitors to the city because of its history and its wonderful landmarks.

Izmailovo Market

The Izmailovo Market is the main market in Moscow, and it is intended for the sale of souvenirs. It contains a large number of kiosks and shops that sell Russian goods, such as: antiques, folk crafts, jewelry, and others.

Tretyakov State Fair

One of the most important art museums in Russia, the State Tretyakov Gallery is one of Russia’s most important art museums.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is located to the south of the Red Square, and it is an ancient historical church that was built in celebration of King Ivan the Terrible capture of the Tazan stronghold in the year 1552 AD. Russian style.

St. Fyodor Ushakov Cathedral

This church is located in the city of Saransk, which is a church and a modern cathedral that was built in 2006 with funding from donation funds, as it is distinguished by its magnificent architecture, which is inspired by the French Empire, and its vast area that accommodates about 3,000 people.


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