The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia

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We present to you the most prominent tourist landmarks of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known as the home of the Islamic religion, and the landing ground for the revelation of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and the Holy Land that contains the Holy Kaaba, the Sacred House of God, which Muslim pilgrims from various parts of the earth seek annually to perform the obligations of size and Umrah, This makes some tourism in Saudi lands limited to religious tourism only, but the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located on its lands a bundle of the most beautiful historical monuments and modern civilizational landmarks that indicate the civilization and heritage of this Arab land, which deserves not to be lost. Tourist tack to it.
So, here are among the Arab travelers the most prominent landmarks of tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi landmarks

Al-Ula and Madain Al-Saleh

  • Al-Ula represents one of the oldest Islamic cities in history, but some historical archaeologists describe it as one of the three most important Islamic cities around the world, in which the Holy Prophet descended during the Battle of Tabuk, and set a place in which to build a mosque and set its basic boundaries with bones, for the people of the town to build the mosque After that they call it Al-Adam Mosque.
  • The city of Al-Ula is characterized by the ancient Islamic city, with many Islamic monuments, such as houses, mosques and popular markets, and it has been registered as one of the archaeological sites of UNESCO International.
  • Among the most prominent ancient historical sites that attract tourists from different countries of the world to visit and enjoy watching the fragrant history of them, are the cities of Al-Saleh, which was called ancient stone, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and even in the whole world to be included in the list of UNESCO Heritage List Global.
  • Madain Saleh includes the remaining historical monuments from the cities of the Nabateans, so you find that there are 131 ancient tombs, some of which carry inscriptions in the Aramaic language at its entrance, to show these inscriptions who built these tombs to be mostly rich women, tombs show the merging of Roman-Greek cultural monuments with the Babylonian and Nabatean civilization, .
  • The Al-Sanh Palace comes at the forefront of the cities of Mada’in Saleh, as it is the most beautiful witness to the features of the funerary Nabataean architecture, which was used for 50 years by the Nabataean kings before the Romans conquered them.

1581260645 223 The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia - The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia

Al Hijaz Train Station

  • The construction of the Hejaz Train Station dates back to the twentieth century AD, to represent the vibrant heart of the Hejaz city, which was built in the ancient Hijaz style on an area of ​​80 thousand square meters, to include thirteen buildings, including a center for handicrafts, workshops, a private building For trains, and freight car.
  • On the opposite side of the station there is a wonderful modern civilization museum, which was built and gifted to the station in 2016 to be a memorial to the station’s history and the history of the city of Hijaz.

The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia - The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia

The Masmak Palace

  • The historic palace is a testament to the battle for the founding of Saudi Arabia by the Al Saud family, which was built in 1898 AD by Prince Abdul Rahman bin Dabaan, the Emir of the Emirate of Riyadh during the days of the Rashid family.
  • It was called the designer or the fish, which means the strong, thick fortress to denote the thickness of the walls of the palace that extend its length to protect it against any attack.
  • The palace consists of several historical buildings and towers, the famous well of the palace, a wide and extended courtyard, and the historic gate of the palace in which the remains of the battle are still present today, which is represented by the age of the spear in which the Rashid family (Ajlan) was killed.
  • You can visit the palace and enjoy watching the historical towers and the extended courtyard, the historic Al-Hosn Mosque, and the historical museum that includes Al Saud’s antiques and collectibles.

1581260645 406 The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia - The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Center – Riyadh

  • The Kingdom Center or Kingdom Tower, located in the Saudi capital Riyadh, which is the famous civilized tower that was built in 2002 in the center of Riyadh on a plot of land owned by Prince Al-Walid Ibn Talal to be the most prominent cultural attraction in Saudi Arabia and the most famous and attractive to tourists.
  • The center was built on an area of ​​94,230 m², in a privileged location in the middle of the three main roads of the city, to make it easy for everyone to access.
  • The center is characterized by its distinctive view through which you can see the farthest point in the city of Riyadh, as there are many shopping centers, luxury apartments, and a large number of famous restaurants in addition to a number of luxury hotels such as Four Seasons.

1581260645 908 The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia - The most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia

Tabuk Fort

  • The historical Tabuk Castle was built in 1559 AD, then it was rebuilt in 1992 AD. The castle includes a historic mosque on the ground floor and a spacious extended courtyard. There is another mosque and observation towers on the second floor that can be reached via a stairway, while outside there is a ground tank of water The springs that have been in use since 650 BC.
  • Now, the castle is a historical museum that includes paintings and rooms dedicated to displaying digital films on the history of the Kingdom, as well as a number of ancient monuments and historical documents dating back to the time of our master Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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Jeddah Corniche

  • The charming Corniche of Jeddah is located on the western part of the city, which directly overlooks the Red Sea coast with an extension of 110 km.
  • The Corniche is characterized by its view of a large number of international trade centers, hotels, cabarets, and parks.
  • The Corniche is a watershed of magical coral reefs that you can enjoy looking while strolling along its path.

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