The most important tourist attractions in Singapore

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Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is an open shopping center that runs along the Singapore River, and is an important destination for visitors to the region and tourists, as it includes many shops specialized in selling various products, restaurants, cafes serving food, and delicious drinks, in addition to To what it includes wonderful night shows, and fun concerts.

Singapore Spinning Wheel

Singapore Flyer is one of the most prominent landmarks to attract tourism in Singapore. It is a giant revolving wheel with a diameter of about 150 m, as it is considered the largest rotating wheel in the world. It is worth noting that visitors can ride in the wheels of the wheel, and enjoy the wonderful view from above on the surrounding areas.

Singapore Museum of Art

The Singapore Art Museum, which was opened in 1996, is housed in a building dating back to the nineteenth century. This museum displays within it many wonderful art pieces that constitute the largest collection of modern art in the world of Southeast Asia.

National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is one of the most important tourist landmarks in Singapore, knowing that its history dates back to 1887 AD, and is thus considered the first museum established in Singapore, where it displays many artistic, cultural, and national works within it In addition to its activities, and great offers.

Mural of Thian Hawk King

Thian Hawk King’s mural represents a huge art painting by a famous Singaporean artist on one of the walls of Thian Hawk King Temple, which occupies an area estimated at 44 meters, noting that it embodies the content of the suffering of the first Hokki immigrants, and the difficulties they were exposed to through them. China to Singapore.

Papa House Museum

Baba House is one of the most prominent heritage landmarks in Singapore, where its history dates back to the nineties of the nineteenth century, knowing that it underwent three floors of many restoration and repair operations to appear as it appears today.


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