Jet Du Fountain

The Jet d’Eau (French: Jet d’Eau) is one of the most important landmarks in the Swiss city of Geneva, as it is characterized by its strong momentum for water, which has a strength of 1,360 horsepower, and a speed of 200 km per hour, which indicates its high altitude, in addition to The weight of the water tossed into the air is 7,000 kilograms of water. It is noteworthy that this fascinating, attractive fountain is lit on human occasions in many colors, such as blue, pink, or any other colors, on average, two or three times a year.

St. Peter’s Church

The history of the construction of St. Peter Church, which is considered an important landmark in the Swiss city of Zurich, dates back to 1706 AD. It includes a clock in its façade that is considered the largest of its kind in Europe, with a diameter of 8.7 meters, and it contains 3 corridors designed in the Baroque architectural style, in addition to five bells, the most weighing more than 6,000 kg, along with medieval murals, crystal chandeliers, and other monuments.

Lake Geneva

The beautiful Lake Geneva provides a wonderful opportunity for tourists to enjoy the scenic landscapes of the lake and alpine waters, in addition to relaxation, harmony, and harmony in what leads to achieving comfort, as it provides the opportunity to practice various water sports. Lake Geneva is mentioned With its calm waters is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe.

Bern’s Old Town

The Old Town of Bern is one of the most important tourist destinations in Switzerland, as it reflects the ancient history to which the city belongs, by noticing its fountains dating back to the sixteenth century (Renaissance), and corridors dating back to To the fifteenth century, which provides a wonderful opportunity for tourists to get to know the city and its history closely.

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