The most important tourist attractions in Tangier

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The Kasbah Museum

The Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures (English: Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures), which represents the history of the region since antiquity (prehistoric), up to the nineteenth century, is located in the palace of the former Sultan, known as the House of the Makhzen, and it includes many of its sides The pieces, and the relics that are translated into information in both Arabic and French only, knowing that this museum is distinguished by mosaics, a map of the world that was prepared in the year 1154 AD, and statues, in addition to containing replica maps, and maps that represent the Phoenician trade routes. It is important to mention that the museum is located outside the old city.

Hercules Caves

Hercules Caves (English: Caves of Hercules), which are legendary, are located near the Cape of Spartel’s lighthouse, which is considered the extreme point in the northwestern part of the continent of Africa, specifically to the west of Tangier, less than 14 km away, and it contains two entrances, one of which is similar The shape of Africa, facing the sea, and the other entrance that the indigenous people created from the Berbers so that it faces land.

Contemporary Art Museum

This museum, which is located in the former building of the British consulate, was opened in 1986 and is considered one of the most important museums that represent Moroccan art. It contains many paintings that belong to several Moroccan artists, such as Mohamed Qasimi, and others, in addition to temporary, modern exhibitions. .

The big market

The palm trees surround the grand market square (in English: Grand Socco), which represents the romantic gate of the ancient city of Tangier, where this square includes a wonderful fountain. It is worth noting that the official name given to this square is (Place du 9 Avril 1947).

Great Mosque

In the fifth century, the Great Mosque (in French: The Grande Mosquée) represented a Roman temple before its transformation into a cathedral after Portuguese colonialism, and then to a mosque in the eighth century, then to a church, then soon returned to being a mosque again, which made it a symbol of history The variety and rich of Morocco, as well as being of interest to its amazing architecture.


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