The most important tourist attractions in the Sinai

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The Zestel Gorm ship

Thistlegorm is a British cargo ship that was destroyed in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty, during its military participation in the Second World War, and the ship wreck settled on the bottom of the sea near the coast of Dham in the city of Dham , Ammunition boxes, weapons, aircraft spare parts, and motorcycles, as visitors and tourists can dive into the water, and see the rare possessions of the ship.

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is considered one of the most prominent natural manifestations in the region, and it is a high-rise mountain with a height of about 2,285 meters above sea level, knowing that it is of great importance for fans of climbing and adventure, as it has a religious status The three monotheistic religions, in addition to the effects of ancient steps of the place where the camels can travel, can be seen, as these relics date back to the sixth century AD.

St. Catherine’s Monastery

Saint Catherine’s Monastery is located on Mount Sinai, and is considered one of the most prominent historical archaeological sites in the Sinai Peninsula, and it represents a Greek Orthodox Church. It should be noted that it was built for the first time by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian the first in the year five hundred and twenty-seven AD, and despite the damage suffered by the building, it is still standing to this day, knowing that it was included in the year two thousand and two sites Of the UNESCO.

The blue hole

The Blue Hole is a naturally carved cave in the coral reef, as this landmark is located about eight kilometers north of the city of Dahab in Sinai, and it represents an important center for attracting tourists who love diving and exploration under water.

Head or master

Ras Um Sid is a tourist attraction and a great diving site in Sharm El Sheikh. It is located at a depth of fifteen to forty meters, and it contains many marine creatures and amazing coral reefs.


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