Guide to the most important tourist attractions in the world is recommended to visit with its advantages, the tourist attractions differ around the world, including tourist, archeological, and historical, and some buildings, rivers, gardens, lakes, and cabarets, for every country in the world has a special feature that distinguishes it from the rest of other countries, and it is known that the countries of the country The Arabs enjoy many archaeological monuments and are famous for the land of ancient civilization, but the countries of the western world are famous for their picturesque tourist attractions, but there are certain landmarks that dealt with great popularity when compared with others, and some may wonder what are the places and attractions that are keen to visit With millions of people throughout the year, the Arab Travelers website has been keen to provide you with the most important tourist attractions around the world so that you will be sure of them.

The most important tourist attractions in the world:

There are many tourist attractions that tourists from all over the world are attracted to but not many of us know, although millions of people are keen to visit them throughout the year. Among the most important of these are:

  • Disneyland Paris “France”:

    Where Disneyland Resort is located exactly 32 square kilometers east of Paris, the resort has been opened since 1992 AD, and has become accepted by 10.6 million during the year, from Europe and many other countries, and this resort is divided into 5 sections, including a special section With distinguished and rare games, and a special section for markets where there are lives and the finest products that carry international brands, and the other section is five star hotels that feature their famous foods and distinctive taste, and also the ancient hotels that visitors feel comfortable and relaxed, but the pirate game that is found in the games section and Captain Hook fromThe most popular games in Disneyland over the rest of the other games, which makes it accepted by many tourists throughout the year.

  • Notre Dame de Paris, France:

Where Notre Dame Cathedral is located on the River of the Years, meaning in the heart of history for the city of Paris, and the building represents a masterpiece of Gothic art and architecture, which spread in the twelfth century until the beginning of the sixteenth century, and Notre Dame is considered one of the most important historical monuments in France, where the number of visitors arrives throughout the year More than 10.6 million visitors, due to its distinguished ancient and civilizational building, which attracts attention from all countries of the world.

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy:

    This tower was built by mistake, as its foundation was laid on unstable soils, which led to its instability and became sloping, and this tower is known for its bells that follow the cathedral, and many tourists are attracted to it because it is an important symbol of Italy, it was established since 1173 AD One of the most important features of this tower is that it is leaning on one side, but in 1987 AD it was added the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the list of the most important world heritage in the State of UNESCO, and millions of visitors visited it throughout the year.

  • Tokyo Disneyland “Japan”:

Tokyo Land is one of the most famous theme parks located in Disney Toky Resort, in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan. It is considered one of the first parks for Disney that it built outside the United States of America, since 1983 AD, and has attracted more than 13 million visitors throughout the year. And it is preferred by many, because it contains distinctive games that are only found in them, which makes visitors go to it from everywhere in the world to experience these games and see the resort and the park, which is characterized by its picturesque nature, which attracts its attention, and has become one of the most tourist attractions that go to this large quantity Throughout the year in the country of Japan that.

  • The Taj Mahal “India”:

The Taj Mahal is one of the most important and most beautiful architectural buildings that have been established throughout the ages, as it is built of a race decorated with marble of the finest luxury, and is characterized by its large size and being giant and was established specifically in the Indian city of Accra, and describes many visitors who went to The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, because of its square scenery and creativity, and Chan Jahan built it, and the Indian government has put in place some important laws that work to stop traffic alongside the crown, because pollution may result, so visitors do not go To the Taj Mahal only by foot or by ke bus ride Epidemiological, and the crown inside the palace Mahgl there is, and it has become the most important monuments that attract many tourists inside and outside of India, and became accepted by more than 4 million visitors annually, the cold month of the most busiest months Taj Mahal.

  • Fishermen’s Anchorage in San Francisco, USA:

    The “Fisherman’s Roof”, as it is called or the Fishermen’s Anchorage in particular, is located near the Golden Gate Bridge, and it has become one of the most important and largest tourist attractions attracted to tourists in the San Francisco Bay area, where the number of visitors throughout the year has become more than 13 million visitors annually and this The biggest evidence that it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the United States of America, where a lot comes to see the famous street performers, and visitors come to listen to dining in many restaurants and cafes, and are keen to buy tourist souvenirs from him.

  • Niagara Falls New York, USA:

Where Niagara Falls are located specifically in New York State and the city of Niagara is located in the Canadian province of Ontario, and attracts more than 14 million visitors throughout the year, in order to enjoy the picturesque nature, and the waterfalls have a capacity of approximately 1203 meters, and a width of about 3,948 feet, and a height of approximately 51 meters, All this made it one of the smallest classified places in the world in New York.

  • California Disneyland Park USA:

    Disneyland Park in California is one of the first parks set up by Walt Disney and he has been an innovator of cartoon films since 1955 AD and has become a lot of tourists annually, as the number of visitors has more than 18 million tourists throughout the year in order to enjoy fantasy games, and the land of discoveries As well as the presence of the ghost house.

  • Trafalgar Square in London, UK:

Where the tip of the laurel or Trafalgar in particular is located in the heart of London, and it is considered one of the most important tourist and historical destinations for the ancient civilization in Britain in general and London in particular, and more than 15 million people are keen on visiting throughout the year, and one of the most important features of the square is its bathroom that works to cover all Its lands, and visitors come to it to take the most beautiful memorial photos, in front of the beautiful statues and to buy many souvenirs, which are usually in the form of an important landmark of the most prominent British monuments in Britain.

  • Magic Kingdom of Orlando, USA:

The magic kingdom, which is located in Disney and World within the city of Florida, receives more than 17 million people throughout the year, and children of all ages have dreamed of visiting it since it opened in 1971, in order to enjoy the adventure among all the well-known Disney characters.

  • Memorial Park Washington, United States of America:

    Where Memo Park or National Mall is located in the center of Washington, DC, which is the capital of the United States of America, and more than 25 million visitors inside and outside the United States are keen to explore the memorial parks in the National Mall, and to see the memorial to many famous people. Lincoln and George Washington, as well as Martin Luther King, as well as surveying multiple and sacred relics including those who died and died in World War II, and also in the Vietnam War and the Korean War.

  • Times Square, New York, USA:

Times Square is keen to visit more than 35 million tourists throughout the year, making it one of the places that attract tourists from everywhere and the most popular in the world, and it has become the first place in New York City because of its music halls, comedy clubs, and theater theaters besides Shops, restaurants, hotels, and a wide range of ongoing events every year, especially on holidays and events.



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