The most important tourist attractions in the world

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statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is considered one of the huge statues in the world, and it is sculpted by the French sculptor Bartholdi, as it was presented as a gift from France to the United States on the centenary of its independence, and was placed on an island at the entrance to the port of New York, and was opened in 1886AD. It should be noted that it is described as a huge hollow statue, composed of thin copper sheets, and its base is made of concrete, and was executed in the form of a statue in the left hand that holds the Declaration of Independence of the United States, along with the broken shackles from which it came out.

Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower, located in the French city of Paris, visits approximately 7 million visitors annually, and it is considered the most visited monument in the world, as many events such as light shows, fireworks shows for 2000 and others are held. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 AD by designer Gustave Eiffel, on the occasion of the Universal Gallery, which was celebrating the first centenary of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower rises by 324 meters.


The Colosseum is one of the most important tourist attractions in Rome, as it receives approximately 7 million visitors annually; it is a huge amphitheater that was built during the time of the Roman Empire at some time between the years (70 AD-72 AD), and was used at that time to receive games, and it has The main framework frame and its façades are constructed of limestone, while the secondary walls are made of volcanic tufa, noting that the inner vessel and the cellars of the corridors are made of concrete.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa takes on a great tourist importance in Italy, and it has been called italic because it is tilted from the right angle by 5.5 degrees. 14th century A.D. It is worth noting that the tower rises by 58 meters, and it is composed of 7 floors. The visitor moves between them by a steep staircase with a sliding degree of 251 degrees.

Big Ben watch

Big Ben is located at the north end of Westminster Palace in the city of London, and it is a famous landmark, because it is one of the largest and most accurate hours in the world, knowing that its construction was completed in 1859 AD. It should be noted that the name (Big Ben) is basically called the large bell of the clock at the top of the tower, which appears on the four facades of the tower, and the clock tower itself is sometimes called the Big Ben.


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