The most important tourist attractions in Tunis

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The old city of Tunis

The Old Medina of Tunis represents the ancient, ancient and authentic part of Tunis, as its history dates back to the year ninety-eight hundred and ninety eight AD, and is considered one of the first Arab Islamic cities in the Maghreb region, and includes the region today Large of old buildings, antiquities, crowded markets interspersed with corridors, and narrow alleys.

Bardo Museum

The Bardo Museum is located in the stately building of the Tunis Palace, and it is considered one of the most important museums in the North Africa region, as it includes within it the most famous mosaic group on a global level, which was discovered in different historical sites in the Republic.

Al-Zaitouna Mosque

The Zitouna Mosque is located in the old city of Tunis, and it is an ancient historical mosque dating back to the year thirty-two and thirty-two AD, and is characterized by its amazing architecture, and wonderful views of the rest of the city’s ancient areas.

Central Market

The central market (in French: Marché Centrale) is an old market that was established in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one, and today includes a group of shops and kiosks specialized in selling various food items, such as: fish, olives and vegetables, fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables, and fruits and vegetables. Fresh, and others.

Antonine bathrooms

Antonine Baths are considered to be an important historical site in Tunisia, and it is an ancient archaeological site dating back to the era of the Roman Empire, and is represented by the presence of the remains of bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets, Roman floors, mosaic floors, Roman mosaics , And others.

Lake Tunis

Lake of Tunis is one of the natural landmarks with great tourist attraction, as it is visited by a large number of visitors, and tourists; to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, and see the groups, and flocks of beautiful flamingos.

The house of Ibn Abdullah

The Dar Ben Abdallah is a palace, and an important Tunisian museum displays inside it an impressive collection of pieces, and works that express the lives of wealthy Ottoman merchants who resided in Tunisia.


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