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Arab travelers and an integrated guide that includes the most beautiful places of tourism and entertainment in Tunisia in all cities with the names in detail that it is recommended to visit, Tunisia has a great rank in the world of travel and tourism despite its small area on the map, but it is one of the countries that receives a great and growing demand by tourists every year, This is because of its beautiful and temperate climate, in addition to the diversity of hotels and tourist activities that take place in it, Tunisia is the town that combines the history and the originality of culture and the luxury of its resorts and the splendor of its beaches and picturesque islands.
Tunisia is one of the tourist destinations with low costs, so it is suitable for youth and family trips. In Tunisia, there are the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture that are embodied in the castles and ancient monuments, as it includes many tourist cities and coastal cities.

What before traveling to Tunisia?

  • Tunisia is located in North Africa, where it is bordered on the western side by the State of Algeria, on the south by the State of Libya, while on the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Its capital is the city of Tunis, which is one of the largest Tunisian cities.
  • Traveling to Tunisia needs a country visa for all citizens of Arab countries, which must be obtained from the Tunisian embassy.
  • The official currency of the country is the Tunisian dinar, and the travel costs to Tunisia are considered appropriate and not high, as they are suitable for people with budgetary constraints, as they include many options for accommodation with different costs, this matter for transportation and food.
  • One of the best times to travel to it is between January and June.

The best places to visit in Tunisia:

First: the most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Tunis:

The city of Tunis is one of the most important tourist destinations in Tunisia, as it possesses all the elements of tourist attraction, as it includes many historical and archaeological monuments and a number of recreational places from parks and Tunisia is famous for its popular markets, as it is the economic, political and tourist center of the country, and this city boasts a mixture of fragrant past The novelty of the present is a treasure trove of attractions and monuments, some of which have been classified in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the most important tourist attractions in the following are:

  • Zaytuna Mosque:

It is considered one of the oldest mosques in the Arab world and is also the first university in the Islamic world, and the Zeitouna Mosque is famous for its calm atmosphere.

  • ancient city:

It is the old part of the city, and it is located on the highest hill on the sea, which is popular with many tourists.

  • Sulaimaniyah School:

It is one of the prominent historical monuments dating back to the era of the Ottomans in Tunisia, and conferences and seminars in the medical fields are organized in order to preserve health.

  • Barrow Museum:

It features Roman mosaic paintings, dating back to BC.

  • Casbah Square:

This is the scene that witnessed the country’s sit-ins and revolutions.

  • Tunisia Museum:

In it the cultural and architectural history of the city is presented from its inception until the present day.

  • Dar Al-Asram Palace:

This palace, famous for its exquisite decoration that mixes Andalusian and Ottoman style, is considered a favorite destination for art, music and poetry lovers.

  • Lake Tunis:

It is located about ten minutes away from the city center, and this city is characterized by its calmness away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the lake is surrounded by many recreational places.

  • Bab Al Bahr:

It is considered one of the ancient doors of the old city, as it was built in the year 1860 in the form of an arch, and this name was named after the sea water that was reaching it, and this ancient section was part of the wall that surrounds the city, but the wall was demolished.

  • Albay soil:

It is a cemetery that includes the great Husseinites, during the period 1705-1957, and its motifs are influenced by the Ottoman style mixed with the Italian style.

  • Habib Bourguiba Street:

It is considered one of the most important streets in the city, and it is the street that bears witness to the Tunisian revolution and its modern history.

  • Attarin market:

One of the most famous markets in the old city, where thousands of tourists visit to buy what they need.

Second: The most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Sousse:

It is located on the eastern coast of the country, and the city is characterized by its moderate climate, as it attracts huge numbers of tourists every year, because it includes many archaeological areas and charming beaches, and the most prominent features of Sousse are the following:

  • Ribat of Sousse:

It is known as the Sousse Citadel, and its construction dates back to the end of the eighth century AD, as it was built with the aim of becoming a stronghold of the city towards the sea.

  • Port El Kantaoui:

It is considered one of the most important Tunisian berths, and it is considered the most famous tourist berth on the shores of the Mediterranean. It was opened in 1979 by Habib Bourkia. The berth contains several fishing boats, and includes many recreational places such as restaurants and cafes that overlook the sea.

  • Sousse Museum:

It contains the second largest collection of mosaic collections, the museum was founded in 1951. The city has been included in the World Heritage List, and the museum contains many relics and artifacts dating back to different historical eras.

Third: The most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Carthage:

It is considered one of the most important Tunisian cities, as it is 15 km from the capital, and it is located at the highest hill with a height of about 57 meters. The coastal city of Carthage stretches over the Mediterranean Sea at a distance of 3 km. Carthage is characterized by its picturesque nature and includes many archaeological places as it is one of the cities Tourist is of high style, which is visited by more than one million tourists annually, and included in the list of world heritage, and the most prominent of this city include the following:

  • the National Museum:

This museum contains many artifacts dating back to important eras in Tunisian history, especially Islamic history.

  • Al-Bouniki and Forum:

This neighborhood dates back to the second century BC, and although the neighborhood was completely burned during a certain period of history, it still has some of the structure of the neighborhood and many of its buildings as they are.

  • Roman theaters:

These theaters were designed in the architectural style and were built in the second century BC, and the most famous of these theaters are the Roman theater of Carthage and the circular theater.

  • Roman Homes District:

This neighborhood includes many relics left by the Romans such as the Odeon Theater, several aristocratic houses, and a number of churches that were built in the Byzantine style.

  • Magon Neighborhood:

It is an integrated neighborhood dating back to the fifth century BC, and it contains the baths of Antoninus and is considered the third largest archaeological bath in the world.

Fourth: The most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Hammamet Tunisia:

Among the most beautiful cities in Tunisia, 65 km away from the capital, and this city is famous for the charm of its beaches and the multiplicity of beach activities in it, and the most prominent features of the city include:

  • Carthage Land:

It is located within Al-Yasmiya Resort, and it is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city, as it includes many recreational and water games.

  • old City:

Dating back to the fifteenth century, this city is surrounded by many walls and is characterized by its narrow winding alleys, as this city embraces a great wealth of traditional Tunisian architecture.

  • Aquapark Flipper Park:

This park is located on the coast of the city, and is considered one of the largest water parks in the city, the park provides visitors with a lot of relaxation and many water games and water sports unique of its kind.

  • Casbah:

It is an ancient castle dating back to the 13th century AD. The Kasbah is located close to the coast of the city, and it is characterized by its wonderful views of the sea and the area surrounding it, as it includes some old houses and natural meadows, and it contains a museum that displays many historical exhibits.

  • Hammamet Beach:

This beach extends throughout the region, which lies to the south and southeast of the city, and is considered one of the most visited beaches in Tunisia, as it is a haven for the people of the city in the spring and summer seasons.

Fifth: The most famous tourism in the city of Kairouan:

And the meaning of the name of Kairouan is the camp that is packed with weapons, and this venerable name was given by Aqba bin Nafi, to be an impenetrable fortress and a military base during the period of the Islamic conquests, and the city of Kairouan is located in the eastern part of the country, where it is 160 km from the capital, and the most prominent landmarks of the city include the following: :

  • Mosque of the Three Doors:

It is considered one of the most important ancient monuments in the city, built in 866 AD by the jurist Mohandad Bin Khairoun.

  • Great Mosque:

It was built in 836 and is considered one of the masterpieces of Islamic art. This mosque is distinguished by its floors, minbar, mihrab, and shrine, which are distinguished by its metallic luster.

  • Uqba Bin Nafeh Mosque:

This mosque was established in the year 50 of the Hijrah, and is considered the best testament to the arts of Islamic architecture. This mosque contains 8 bays and 17 tiles, similar to the Aqabah Bin Nafi Mosque in its design the Umayyad Mosque, the mosque still retains most of the original pieces of furniture such as the wooden platform, which is considered The oldest Islamic platforms made of teak wood, and the mosque contains about 106 paintings complete with exquisite engineering motifs.

  • Birwata well:

It is one of the oldest wells in the city, and dates back to the year 180 from the desertion, and a wide mouth was dug a lot of water and has a marble trip, the well is located close to the Sunday market.

  • Aghlagh Aghliah’s Blessing:

It is one of the most famous water places in the history of Islamic civilization. It was established by Prince Abu Ibrahim Ahmed bin Al-Aghlab in 248 AH, and the pool is distinguished by its brilliant appearance and geometric details.

  • The shrine of Abu Zamaa al-Balawi:

It is famous in the name of the mausoleum of Sidi Al-Sahbi, and it is one of the companions of the Messenger of God who came from the Arabian Peninsula and settled in the city of Kairouan. This mausoleum consists of carved plaster pieces and a wooden ceiling made of cedar wood, and has a dome decorated with colored crystal pieces.

Sixth: The most beautiful places of entertainment in the city of Monastir:

It is located close to the city of Sousse, about two hours away from the capital, and it is considered one of the quietest tourist cities in Tunisia. This city includes many famous landmarks, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Bourghiba Mausoleum:

This shrine is located in the heart of the city and access is free.

  • Rabat or the castle:

Its construction dates back to the 9th century AD, and the castle includes a small museum. This castle is characterized by the beauty of its views of the sea and the city.

  • Enlightened Port:

It is a small dock that contains a number of tourist yachts.

  • Springland Park:

This park contains many fun games for children and includes many cafes and restaurants.

  • Fella Shopping Center:

This center consists of three floors, and contains dozens of stores specialized in selling accessories, perfumes, shoes, clothes, facts and more.

The most beautiful places of tourism and entertainment in the city of Sfax:

It is considered one of the important Tunisian cities, 3 km away from the capital, and it is considered one of the most tourist areas in Tunisia, as it is considered a clear reflection of the traditional style and lifestyle of the people of Tunisia and their culture, and the most important features of the city of Sfax are the following:

  • Governor’s Palace:

It is known as Yechar Dar. This building is considered a living model in the traditional Tunisian architectural style, as the building was built around an open courtyard and consists of two floors, and it consists of balconies on four sides.

  • City Hall:

It is located on Habib Street, in Ouargba, on the first floor of the city hall, in which a number of wonderful mosaics of the region are hosted, especially the Roman cities, which are still present in Sfax.

  • Casbah:

It is located in the southwestern side of the city of Sfax. This Kasbah was a military garrison during the military campaign against Tunisia.

  • fish market:

It is considered a different world that contains many colors and shapes for different marine creatures.

  • Bab Bahr:

This neighborhood is characterized by its elegant architecture, besides it includes dozens of cafes and restaurants, and there is the Hotel Zaitouna, which is one of the most famous hotels in the city.

  • Al Shaal area:

It is one of the largest olive forests in the world, as this region is surrounded by olive trees, where it is possible to enjoy a tour around the olive fields, meet the village’s medical residents, and get to know the authentic rural lifestyle.

The best tourist areas in Tunisia:

  • Djerba island:

It is one of the most famous tourist islands in North Africa, and this island is divided into a number of regions, the most famous of which is the Houmt Souk area, Midoun and Djerba, where it is possible to reach the island by air as it has an airport or access to it by road via the land bridge that connects the island with a city Zarzis.
The island is 7 hours away from the capital, Djerba Island includes dozens of modern tourist resorts, and one of the most famous things that can be noticed well on the island is the art of graffiti, as the region’s painters transformed the old village into a terrible photo gallery and museum, a terrible neighborhood, there you can enjoy watching 3D graphics on the walls The doors and windows of simple country houses have attracted the most famous artists of the world to visit.

  • Djerba Houmt Souk:

Hoba Market is located 10 minutes from Djerba, and it is famous as a large bazaar and a popular market packed with shoppers and full of life and movement, as it is spread by many shops and alleys and many popular markets such as the Libyan market, which displays all artifacts such as traditional clothes, spices, dates and perfumes. Cheap prices, and there are also a number of markets for fruits, vegetables and fresh fish, and in Houmt Souk there is the Ghazi Mustafa tower, which is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city, it is a beautiful place for relaxation and comfort away from the crowded and noisy markets.

  • Djerba Midoun:

It is easy to reach Djerba Midoun by land, and this region is famous for having a crocodile farm, and this area is packed with many visitors when it is close to four in the afternoon in order to see the crocodiles while eating with the sound of clucking which is issued by its sharp teeth, and it is also possible Seeing small crocodiles hatched from their eggs, and a group of museums, restaurants and cafes spread around Djerba. There are many sports activities such as quad bikes and camel rides available in Djerba. Wild trips can be made to explore the nearby oases and the desert.

  • Mahdia city:

It is considered one of the quietest and most beautiful cities in Tunisia, as it enjoys its own charm and its striking oriental nature, and this city has a very beautiful beach, this beach of fine sand extends along the city along its coast, the waters of this beach are distinguished by its sparkling turquoise color, and there is an ancient city that resembles A fairy-haunted village dominated by the sound of crashing waves, famous for the Friday market in which many local manufactures and products are sold at very cheap prices.

  • Sidi Bousaid :

Sidi Port Said is only half an hour away from the capital, and this fairy town is famous for being a village of legends and historical tales. Sidi Port Said is located on top of a high hill overlooking the sea, and is characterized by its white painted houses and blue door windows and doors, and the village houses appear to line up Each other.
The village is linked to each other by some narrow paths and paved alleys so that the visitor feels as if it is a fictional world, and the village is spread by many kiosks and shops where antiques, souvenirs, gifts, paintings and all handcrafted products are sold, and there is a star in the village of Al-Najmah Al-Zahra in which the manifestation of splendor, love and beauty is manifested that appearance Reflected in its decor, all its angles and its splendid views, this palace has now been transformed into a museum in which musical instruments are displayed and Arab concerts and classical music performances are held.

  • Bizerte:

It is about an hour away from the capital, and it is considered one of the elegant and quiet cities in Tunisia, as it is far from crowded drivers and tourists, this dreamy romantic city receives its visitors with its wonderful moving bridge, this bridge separates two water channels, and one of the most famous landmarks in Bizerte is the old port that is located with the castle overlooking the Kasbah On the sea and the city and spread around many popular cafes and dozens of shops that sell handmade products, and Bizerte also has beautiful sandy beaches.

  • The city of Zarzis:

It is located 44 km from the island of Djerba, and the city of Zarzis is one of the cities rich in historical sites, archeology and museums, this city is characterized by its long sandy beaches extending up to a number of kilometers, there can be many activities such as safaris to explore the surrounding oases and quad biking, Or eat at any of the beach front restaurants that are interested in serving traditional Tunisian dishes.

  • Tabarka:

Tabarka is located about 200 km from the capital, and it is considered one of the tourist cities that have entered the world of tourism strongly in the recent period, it is one of the favorite destinations for the Arab and foreign fence, it includes many villas, hotels and product Ola, Tabarka is characterized by mild weather during the summer so it has become a summer resort resort To him visitors fleeing from high temperatures, this city is located on the highest high plateau surrounded by green forests and trees, and the city includes a number of Roman, Phoenician, Christian, Andalusian and Ottoman monuments, and Tabarka is famous for its scuba diving because its coasts are full of wonderful coral reefs and many From colorful neighborhoods.

  • Ain Draham:

It is located near the borders of Algeria, it is a summer resort favored by many, and Ein Draham is characterized by its cool cold weather at night until summer days, while in summer this city is covered with snow so many people visit in the winter in order to enjoy watching the snow, this city embraces many beautiful villages so it looks As if swimming in a sea of ​​forests and trees.


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