The most important tourist attractions in Tunisia

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Zaytuna Mosque

The Zitouna Mosque, located in Tunis, which dates back to 732 AD, is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in it, as it is one of the most vital places in the city, and it is characterized by its wonderful architecture, as it includes a hall dedicated to prayer (it is not allowed For non-Muslims to enter), and a magnificent square, as the mosque is famous for its distinctive marble tiles, along with the opportunity it provides for the visitor to see the entire city, and enjoy watching its beautiful, sparkling lights.

Bardo Museum

The Bardo Museum, located inside the prestigious Tunis Palace, is considered one of the most beautiful museums in the country, and North Africa. It is famous for its collection of mosaics, which is one of the most famous mosaic collections in the whole world, and the museum includes many rooms Which displays the art of mosaic.

Carthage Museum

The Carthage Museum is located on the top of the Persa Hill in the Tunisian city of Carthage, specifically within a building dating back to the twentieth century, and it is one of the most important museums in the city, and the museum is distinguished by the presence of two ancient sarcophagi carved from stone dating back to the fourth century BC , And some art pieces. It is worth noting that the museum is now closed since 2020 due to maintenance and restoration work.

Ghilan Palace

Ksar Ghilane is located in the southern side of Tunisia, inside the sandy desert. It is a small oasis characterized by its calmness that helps tourists to relax and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The palace includes hot water springs, and visitors are also offered the opportunity to stay in the camps in the desert. , Camel rides, and enjoy the enchanting sand dunes with the setting of the sun, and the visitor can visit the Roman fort which is close to it.


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