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Uzungol Village

Uzungöl village has a distinctive and wonderful nature, as it is one of the most popular places for visitors and tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature, relax in it, and go hiking, knowing that this amazing village located south of the Turkish city of Trabzon has a wonderful lake , And large in the middle.

Iskandar Pasha Mosque

Iskender Paşa Mosque (Turkish: İskender Paşa Camii), which is located in the city of Trabzon, was built and is considered one of its most important landmarks in 1529 AD by order of Iskandar Pasha, which was the ruler of Trabzon in that period. It should be noted that this mosque contains several double domes, and a huge gate.

Gulbhar Khatun Mosque

Although there is no specific date for its establishment, historical sources indicate that the Gulbahar Hatun Mosque (English: Gulbahar Hatun Mosque) was established in 1514 AD by order of Sultan Selim I; in honor of his mother, Gulbahar Khatun, and to commemorate her memory, which is located in the town of Orta Hisar And specifically to the west, alongside the Zaganus Bridge, its construction represented Ottoman architecture, as the mihrab was built of marble, along with the use of gray, white and yellow stones in many parts of the mosque, such as the minaret, windows, and arches. It should be noted that the decorations present in the mosque currently date back to the restoration operations that were carried out recently, after they were destroyed earlier.

Lake Sera

Lake Sera (English: Lake Sera) is one of the most important tourist attractions near the Turkish city of Trabzon, specifically within 10 kilometers of it between Trabzon and Akcaabat, within the borders of the town of Yildizli. It is worth noting that this magnificent lake and its scenic aesthetic scenes are 150 meters wide and 4 kilometers long, and the deepest point is 55 meters.

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