The most important tourist cities in Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of the important European countries, it is located in the west of the European continent and bordered to the north by Germany, to the south by Italy, to the west by France, to the east by Austria and Liechtenstein, and its area is 41.285 square kilometers, and in Switzerland we find high mountains, historical cities, and beautiful lakes, The most important thing that distinguishes them is that they provide the tourist with a single card system that allows them to travel through trains, ships, and buses, through which tourists can move from one place to another through them, and tourism in Sochira occupies the fourth rank of total income, so its income from tourism reached nearly fifteen billion And six hundred m Lyon Swiss francs.

The most important tourist cities in Switzerland


The former center of the League of Nations, and now it is the headquarters of UNICEF, it also contains the English Garden, the International Museum of the Crescent and Red Cross, the large theater that resembles the Opera House theater in Paris, the fountain that is located in Lake Geneva and reaches a height of 140 meters, and the Oaks Vives Park , And the 5th century hotel de Ville.

The capital, Bern

It is the seat of the Federal Parliamentary Government, and it is the fourth largest city in Switzerland after Zurich, Geneva and Basel, and UNESCO has chosen a world cultural heritage site, in order to preserve its ancient character, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and Bern contains the clock tower, the Federal Palace, and the Museum of Paul Kali, The Berne Museum and Zoo.


It is known as the city of culture, and it contains forty diverse museums around it, such as the Tingley Museum of Art, and contains the Basel Zoo for animals, which is known as the largest park in Europe, and the famous Rhine River, and is considered a venue for events such as the Basel Carnival, the Basel exhibition, and the Swiss Endors Basel championship in which world class writers participate. For the game of tennis.


It is the largest city in Switzerland, and is distinguished by its view of the snow-capped Alps, and contains more than 50 museums such as the Ritterberg Museum, and the Kunsthaus Gallery which is the most important exhibition in Switzerland, the old town, the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, whose 21 alumni won Nobel Prizes It is also the assembly of football athletes at FIFA headquarters.


It is located on the banks of Lake Leman or Lake Geneva, and it contains the Chillon Palace, the Chion Palace which was a prison, and the summit of Roche de Nye and at the top there is a restaurant, café and animal museum.

St. Gallen

It was named after the Irish monk built by St. Gallen, which is the seventh largest city in Sucera and contains picturesque buildings, carved balconies, colored walls, and statues.


It is the city surrounded by mountains on each side to be a beautiful appearance, it contains Parco Civico Ciani, Mont Preh and is the nearest mountain that surrounds it, and also the Lugano Jazz Festival is held.

Video of Swiss chocolate waterfalls

If we could represent the quantity of chocolate produced and consumed in Switzerland it would be in the form of waterfalls! Watch the video to learn more surprises about Switzerland:


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