The most important tourist places in Geneva

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The city of Geneva

Geneva is one of the most important and largest four cities in Switzerland and is considered one of the most beautiful European cities. It is located on the coast of Lake Geneva, surrounded by alpine chains and the Jura Mountains, and it is the second largest European city, with a French speaking population, and there are more than thirty museums and a showroom. Geneva is one of the most diverse countries in the world residing in it, as there are more than one hundred and eighty-four nationalities.

The Genevaites established a volunteer work that provides free tourist tours to its visitors and introduces the city of Geneva through the eyes of its residents. You can get around the city using public transport, as there is a huge fleet of electric trains in Switzerland. There are a lot of tourist sites that you, sir, tourist-madam tourist can visit in the city. We will mention to you in this article the most important and most prominent.

The most important tourist places in Geneva

old City

The old city contains Saint Peter’s cathedral, and there are many buildings and old shops that give you the ancient history of Geneva.

The fountain

Geneva has the longest fountain in the world. People come from all over the world to take memorials next to this fountain near Lake Geneva. Sightseeing tours can be taken by boat in Lake Geneva.

Sports tourism

You can practice any kind of sports that you love in Geneva. You can go snorkeling, swimming or water skiing. You can also go jogging or walking along the coast of Lake Geneva, or in its beautiful forests prepared for these types of sports.

Museums and galleries

There are many museums and galleries in the city of Geneva, as mentioned earlier, so you can wander around, take pictures, and learn about the civilization of this old and new city. Among the most prominent of these museums are the United Nations Museum and the Red Cross.

Opera House

The opera house was officially opened in one thousand eight hundred and seventy-six AD, and it reopened in one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one AD after it was exposed to a fire that destroyed half of it. It contains the largest theater in Switzerland, where all the dance and lyrical performances are performed.


Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Geneva in the summer to attend a full hour of the annual fireworks show.


There is a great variety of restaurants and cafes in the city, so you cannot visit Geneva and do not have a meal or a cup of coffee in one of the restaurants located there. Restaurant prices range from medium to expensive, as you can have a meal for seven Jordanian dinars or more.


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